Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: 5 Little Babies Playing At The Waterpark

There is nothing quite as fun in the summer as a trip to the waterpark for the whole family, except maybe taking a trip to the waterpark with all your friends! Little Angel's Baby John learns all about how much fun the waterpark is when he and his friends take their own trip to the local waterpark. Your little one is going to love watching Baby John, Charlie, Sophie, Mia and friends as they enjoy their day at the waterpark pool, singing, splashing and playing together.

A trip to the waterpark is sure fun, but safety comes first! Baby John's mom applies suntan lotion as well as floaties on all the babies before they can go in the water. While swimming is fun it can also make you hungry! Baby John's friend Charlie decided to hop out of the water to get something to eat when his tummy started rumbling. Baby's John's mom is quick to point out that it's important to eat and rest before heading back to the water too quickly.

Now there are only four babies in the pool when Sophie gets out because she's thirsty. Baby John's mom gets Sophie as much lemonade as she wants since it's very important to stay hydrated when playing in the hot sun. Everyone should remember how important it is to drink lots of fluids while in the sun. Charlie and Sophie are quickly joined by Mia who hopped out of the cool pool to warm up. There's nothing like a nice sunbath to take away the chills, as long as you have lots of sun lotion on!

It's only Baby John and his friend left in the pool, but his friend quickly gets sleepy and decides it's time for a nice nap poolside! Baby John is left all by himself in the pool and starts to get sad until his mom brings ice cream for all the friends. Now that there are no more babies splashing all about in the pool they can enjoy their ice cream together!

This video will teach your little one to count while your older kids can practice reading the words as they run along the bottom of the video. 

The song is familiar, catchy and repetitive making easy for kids of all ages to sing along.

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