Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: 10 Little Fishies Song

Children love to sing along with songs that are familiar to them, which is why they love Little Angel Nursery Rhymes so much! Each video features Baby John and his family engaging in a fun activity, singing a catchy and recognizable tune your children will be singing along with in no time. When Baby John, Jack and Jill head to the backyard to 'fish' in their outdoor pool, not only will your child love to sing along to the repetitive tune, but they'll practice their counting skills at the same time.

Baby John, big brother Jack, and big sister Jill head to the backyard where their kiddy pool is filled with water. The trio is ready to have some fun with their toy fishing rods and toy fish, and three of them quickly start to sing the 10 Little Fishies song as they reel in their catch. Well, all of them except Baby John! While Jack and Jill are catching fish after fish, Baby John is getting frustrated because all he's caught is a tangled line.

Jill helps Baby John untangle his fishing line and once again the three children start fishing while singing the catchy tune. Unfortunately for Baby John, he just doesn't seem to be having any luck fishing. He does manage to hook his own hat at one point, however! Baby John begins to get discouraged because he isn't catching any fish, but Jill once again helps him out and encourages him to try again.

Sadly, this time Baby John's line gets cut, leaving him very sad about not being able to continue fishing. He's on the verge of tears when Jill ties his line back together, allowing him to give it a try one more time! Baby John finally catches a fish, but when he pulls it out of the water he pulls so hard it flies up on the roof! It's Jill to the rescue once again when she replaced Baby John's fishing rod with a net, and Baby John is finally able to catch lots of fish, just like Jack and Jill!

Not only does this video feature a fun song that your child will be singing along with, in no time, but it teaches them to never give up when trying something new. It also shows how working together can often be the solution to a task that seems impossible, all great things every parent wants their child to learn!

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