Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: 10 Little Elephants

Children of all ages love to watch videos on YouTube because they're fun, colorful and engaging. Parents love that their children can watch videos on YouTube because not only are there so many incredible videos that are all of those things, but there are so many that are educational as well. Little Angel is a family favorite YouTube channel that follows baby John and his family as they sing along to a variety of original songs that are sure to get your little one smiling, clapping and even singing along.

Baby John and his daycare friends get to experience a new adventure when they perform the song "One elephant went out to play" for their friends and family. Each daycare child is dressed in a super cute elephant costume of a different color as they take the stage one by one. During the song, each child then "calls for another elephant to come" and invites a classmate on stage with them. Baby John is doing his very best to be patient and wait his turn, but it's hard because he's so excited to take the stage!

Each of the children had a fun item to bring with them as it was their turn to take the stage, from a superhero cape, a ball, a hula hoop, and even a scooter! It looked like so much fun being on the stage but poor Baby John had to sit and wait his turn even though he would much rather be on the stage with his friends. Being patient can be hard sometimes!

Finally, it is baby John's turn to take the stage and he eagerly walks out with his toy guitar in hand, singing and dancing along with his classmates. When the song is over and there are no more baby elephants to join the class on stage, the children take their bows, proud of their performance. Baby John then excitedly jumps into his mother's arms to celebrate a job well done.

10 Little Elephants is a nursery rhyme sure to excite and delight your little thanks to the bright colors, engaging tune, and repetitive nature of the song that makes it easy and fun for little ones to sing along to.

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