Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: 10 Little Babies On The Slide

There's nothing quite as fun as playing at the park with your friends, but sometimes it's hard to be patient and wait your turn! Baby John and his friends have made a trip to the local playground in this Little Angel video, but baby John isn't too happy about having to be the last in the line of his 10 friends for his turn down the slide! Your little one will love to sing along as they practice their counting and patience skills as they wait along with Baby John to finally have his turn!

Baby John's first friend is a little nervous at first to go down the slide, but soon enough he works up the courage and has so much fun as he slides quickly down. Now there are nine children waiting, and the next friend slides down. She even does a fun pose as she lands where teacher Hannah snaps a picture. There are now eight friends waiting to go down and when the next boy slides down, he loses his shoe! That's quite a slide ride!

Baby John and his friends sing that there's seven on the slide now and Baby John sings to "go down it." As the next friend slides down, her skirt flies up, covering her face! She lands with a bit of a surprise, and teacher Hannah captures the moment with her camera.

Now there are six at the slide and this little boy is very adventurous, going down the slide headfirst! That looked like fun. With five on the slide, the next little girl takes her turn and lands with her feet on the ground before giving a triumphant fist pump! Now that there are four at the slide the next friend decides she's going to cross her legs as she slides, and when there are just three at the slide the next boy makes a funny face! Thankfully, teacher Hannah is there to capture all the fun slides with her camera.

Now there are just two left to go down the slide, and it's almost Baby John's turn. His friend goes down and swishes from side to side as she makes her way down the slide. Now it's finally Baby John's turn! All his friends are waiting for him at the bottom, encouraging him to "go down it." Teacher Hannah then hands out the pictures to all the children so they can remember their fun day on the slide.

This video will not only keep your child engaged but it will help them practice their counting and memorization skills while having fun!

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