This Lisa Frank Nail Art Is Going To Be This Summer's BEST Trend

Growing up in the 80s and 90s, there was nothing we coveted more than Lisa Frank ANYTHING. Bedding. Room decor. School supplies. Clothing. If it was gaudy and garish and covered in kittens and ponies, we wanted it and we wanted it yesterday. The Cult of Lisa Frank was major during our formative years, and we wouldn't be the people we are today without our LF Trapperkeepers. In hindsight, it wasn't the best look? For young kids, it was fine. Tweens and teens? Sure!

But adults pretty much left the Lisa Frank alone. But now the Lisa Frank kids ARE adults, and you know what? We want it all again. We have little use for matching comforter sets or posters or Trapperkeepers or backpacks. But you know what we do need? A good manicure. Luckily, Lisa Frank nails are on the come up, and they are going to be all the rage this summer. Show some love for your childhood and adolescence by wearing your Lisa Frank on your nails, and make your own kids incredibly embarrassed and/or jealous.

When we said Lisa Frank nails, we were not kidding. These are not Lisa Frank-inspired. These are literally Lisa Frank come to life on your fingernails. The colorful animal prints! The glitter! The stars and rainbows and kittens! The is not a subtle manicure.

We love the Lisa Frank kittens and ponies, but if we're being honest, our heart is 100% with the celestial Lisa Frank prints. We just love the planets and stars and aliens, so this may be the Lisa Frank manicure we rock this summer.

You can also go with a manicure that's Lisa Frank-ish and not outright, in-your-face LF. Those prints were all about the bright colors, patterns, and of course, lots of glitter. This manicure definitely suggests Lisa Frank, but you're not walking around with a kitten on your nails.


We love all of them, and are so excited to see the biggest style-inspiration from our childhood and adolescence making a comeback, but in a grown-up way. We may have bills and aches and pains and more gray hair than we care to admit, but deep down, we're still Lisa Frank kids.

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