You Can Stay In A Hotel Room That Looks Straight Out Of Lisa Frank’s Mind

If you ever find yourself feeling a bit nostalgic for the '80s and '90s and wish you could immerse yourself in the neon technicolor world of Lisa Frank, the good news is now you can! Frank, known for her brightly colored Trapper Keepers, fun and vibrant stickers and must-have school supplies was the epitome of the '90s vibe. Now Hotels.com has introduced a custom '90s theme hotel room based entirely on the rainbow and neon world of Lisa Frank that fans will definitely want to book.

The penthouse suite, located in LA's Barsala hotel is decorated completely in Frank's signature style, including a rainbow of colors, fun characters, and endless surprises. The penthouse suite features a technicolor rainbow window display, a light-up canopy bed and a wall mural that will no doubt become the centerpiece for many Instagram photoshoots.

Credit: Hotels.com

"We wanted to design a room that celebrates all things the '90s, and nothing screams childhood nostalgia more these iconic designs," shared Adam Jay, President of Hotels.com in a press release. "Hotels.com is thrilled to bring this dream room to life with Lisa Frank, and to reward travelers with a blast from their past."

Credit: Hotels.com

The room provides endless Insta worthy photo ops as well as a bathroom that is straight out of every Lisa Frank fan-girl fantasy.

Credit: Hotels.com

The minibar, which is free for paying guests, is fully stocked with 90's lunchbox favorites that only further lends to the '90s vibe in the room.

Credit: Hotels.com

The designer and her team were just as excited to create this Lisa Frank theme room as well. "Over the past four decades, Lisa Frank fans have grown up enjoying our art in many forms," Lisa Frank team stated in the press release. "Many of them now book hotel rooms for themselves and their families, and we are excited to partner with Hotels.com to be able to offer this immersive Lisa Frank experience."

Not only do guests get to fully immerse themselves in '90s nostalgia when they book the Lisa Frank penthouse, but they also get to bring a bit of back home with them too. Guests can get to take home the plush robes, slipper sets and sleep masks in the room before signing the guest book.

Credit: Hotels.com

If you need a bit of the '90s in your life you can book your own reservation starting this Friday, October 11 by visiting www.hotels.com/page/LisaFrankFlat. Stays are available from October 11 through 27, exclusively on Hotels.com, so dust off your Trapper Keeper, grab your scrunchies and jelly bracelets and get booking.

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