Mom Celebrates First Day Of School By Going To Disney Without Kids

They don't call it the happiest place on earth for nothing! While parents across the country have been busy celebrating their children's return to school by posing for photoshoots and booking spa days, one Florida mom celebrated in a way that was fit for a princess — a Disney princess anyway!

After sending her two sons back to school for their first day, Lisa DiNoto decided to treat herself to some fun by spending the day at Disney World all by herself! Lucky DiNoto lives super close to the theme park and told Good Morning America that the entire family is Disney regulars. "It seemed totally natural to pop into Magic Kingdom after I dropped the boys off at school to take a fun 'Celebrating Being Here Alone' moment," DiNoto explained.

If you've been to Walt Disney World you know that you can get a pin to announce whatever even you may be celebrating that day, from a birthday to anniversary to family reunion. DiNoto decided to get her own pin that read "I'm Celebrating 1st Day of School!" and wear it as she enjoyed her solo day a the park.

"After I grabbed the pin, I saw some of the Citizens of Main Street U.S.A. out and about and had the idea to have them hold the pin. They got such a kick out of it that I just kept going," she explained to the morning show.

The mom of two explained that while many people loved her pin, meeting the Fairy Godmother was by far the best part of her day. "Hands down. She was laughing so hard she was crying and we just started hugging and laughing together," she said. "She reached into her sleeve and pulled out a bag of pixie dust and handed it to me and said, 'This is for you and only you. You use it today.' It was one of those moments of connection that is really what the parks are all about," DiNoto said.

The former lawyer told Fox 35 that it's not uncommon for her visit the park on any given day. "We live super close. We're like a mile from the castle. I can see the fireworks. So, it's not that crazy for me to just pop in for a few hours," she said. "Like, I could have gone home and done the laundry, but I was like, you know what? I'm taking a moment and I'm going to take a walk in Magic Kingdom."

You can see all of DiNoto's pictures from her magical first day of school here.

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