This Lip Smacker Advent Calendar Smells Like Childhood

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We're not sure what happened to us this year, but for some reason, we've developed quite the obsession with advent calendars. Let's be real: how many advent calendars does one person really need? How many little doors and tabs can you open every day of December before it's too many? Well, apparently, there is no limit. We're gearing up for an entire month of little gifts and treats because we cannot stop buying them.

It goes without saying that we preordered our Harry Potter mini Pop Funko figurine calendar. We've got chocolate calendars, and sock calendars, and there might even be a wine calendar involved. We somehow talked ourselves out of buying a makeup advent calendar, which is good, because that means we can spend a bit more money on this Lipsmacker advent calendar from Target. We'll tell ourselves it's for our kids, but we are lying through our flavored-lip gloss covered teeth.

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Everyone remembers Lipsmackers, right? For a child of the 80's and 90's, they were a must-have. Dr. Pepper was the best flavor (fight us on that), but you really couldn't go wrong with any of them. They're coming back in a major way, and now is the perfect time to introduce your kids to the lip gloss you can eat! OK, so technically you're not supposed to eat it, but you show us one person who hasn't done it.

lipsmackers advent calendar
Image: Target

The Lipsmackers advent calendar is 12 days of sweet gloss for you to open. A regular calendar is usually 25 days, but honestly, we're sort of glad this one is smaller. Can you imagine trying to keep track of 25 freaking tubes of lip gloss?! We'd be cleaning it out of carpets and bedding for months.

Each day reveals a different lip balm or gloss, in a tube or a pot. You'd think that the flavors would be all winter or holiday-themed, but it looks like they've got some simple fruit flavors that will work all year long.

lipsmackers advent calendar
Image: Target

The calendar opens up to reveal seven pots of lip gloss and five tubes of lip balm in flavors like mango, cotton candy, and kiwi. The calendar is in-stock on the Target website right now and sells for $12. But you know people are going to snatch this one up, so better order yours soon!

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