Teacher Gives Birth On Sidewalk Right Outside Her School

With the return of the back to school season upon us, many teachers have a lot of fun and interesting stories to share from their first few days back in class. None of them are quite as shocking as Denver middle school teacher Lindsay Agbalokwu who surprisingly gave birth to a daughter on the sidewalk right outside of her school!

Agbalokwu's due date wasn't until September 17, so when she woke up on the morning of Tuesday, September 3 experiencing minor cramps, she simply chalked them up to Braxton Hicks. The sixth-grade reading teacher at DSST: Conservatory Green went to school anyway, and even presented an award at a school assembly before she decided that she wasn't experiencing Braxton Hicks at all.

“The pain felt different,” Agbalokwu told Yahoo Lifestyle. “In the classroom, the pain went from zero to 100,” she explained. Agbalokwu's co-teacher Marissa Kast helped cover in the classroom and alerted Principal Natalie Lewis and the school's Dean of Students Chris Earls that Agbalokwu was going to need to go to the hospital.

As Lewis and Earls were walking Agbalokwu outside, she told them “We should call 911, I think the baby is coming.” Kast retrieved a sleeping bag from her car and laid it on the sidewalk for her co-worker. “I lay down and we put the dispatcher on speakerphone, who started giving delivery instructions to Natalie and Chris,” Agbalokwu told Yahoo Lifestyle. “I was in so much pain, I didn’t care that these people are my bosses — they are both parents,” she said. “They were my support people.”

Agbalokwu says she's still a bit in awe of her very exciting birth story, telling Denver 7 "I just like randomly think about it and text my mom, 'I just gave birth on the sidewalk outside my school!' This is so crazy!"

The teacher, who also shares a 17-month-old son with her husband, said that her 8 pound, 6-ounce daughter, whom she named Zara, was simply ready to make her appearance. "When she was ready, she just said, 'Boom. I'm coming out,'" said Agbalokwu. "I think it will be indicative of her personality to come. That she will be a firecracker. She's going to do great things."

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