Lil Xan And Partner Annie Smith Expecting Their First Child

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Lil Xan has announced that he is soon going to be a father. The rapper, whose real name is Nicholas Diego Leonos, is best known for his song “Betrayed” and his turbulent and highly-publicized relationship with his ex, Miley Cyrus’ little sister, Noah Cyrus.

The news comes as a shock for many of Lil Xan’s fans as he and Noah Cyrus announced their break up just five short months ago. The 22-year-old is now dating his girlfriend of just three months, Annie Smith.

For those wondering how Noah is taking the news of her ex’s pregnancy announcement, sources tell Us Weekly that there is no animosity or hurt feelings between the ex-celebrity couple.

One source close to the situation told the publication, “Noah found out right after he posted. A few of her friends texted her and she was obviously surprised, but doesn’t feel hurt. While this may sting a little, as it would with any breakup, she is completely over him and has moved past that part of her life.”

The rapper revealed the pregnancy news on his Instagram account over the weekend. “I wanted to wait but I just can’t leave my fans in the dark,” he captioned in a photo of him and his girlfriend Annie.

“It’s official I’m going to be a father I love you guys so much and hope you stay along for this crazy journey and I’ve never felt more happy in my life.”

He also addressed his new love directly and described Annie Smith as a his “baby angel” who helped save him emotionally.

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The “Watch Me Fall” hit mater dated Noah Cyrus for just one month back in August before their very nasty and very public break up. They both accused each other of not only cheating, but using one another for fame, too. The last time that Lil Xan and Cyrus were seen in public was during the 2018 MTV Music Awards in New York City.

Two months after their split, Lil Xan revealed that he was suffering from drug addiction and depression and checked himself into a rehabilitation center in December. He left the facility after just two weeks of treatment.

So far Lil Xan has not revealed any additional details about Annie Smith’s pregnancy or their due date for that matter.

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