Lil Nas X Surprises Elementary School Kids With Free Show Of 'Old Town Road'

If you've got a kid between the ages of 5 and 15, then they very likely are big fans of Lil Nas X. Who is that, you might ask? Well, we're here to explain to the parents and other assorted olds. You see, Lil Nas X is a rapper who recently exploded in popularity for (wait for it) ... A COUNTRY SONG. Yes, you read that right! The rapper collaborated on a rap/country crossover with none other than Billy Ray Cyrus. We know, we know, that name sounds familiar. That's because we all know Billy Ray as Miley Cyrus's dad, and the guy who begged us not to break his achy breaky heart many moons ago.

The unlikely duo teamed up for a fire track called "Old Town Road" that combines Nas's deep voice with Billy Ray's signature twang. This song has been a MASSIVE hit. It sort of surprised everyone! But you know who really loves this song? Kids. Kids of all ages. Kids are digging this jam, and they love Lil Nas X. So imagine the absolute pandemonium when he showed up an at elementary school in Ohio after being jokingly invited by the principal. These videos are the feel-good boost you most definitely need right now.

It all started when Lander Elementary's principal Felecia Evans tweeted out a video of her students jamming out to the song after a talent show. Amazingly, Lil Nas X saw the tag and responded, asking when the kids wanted a free show!

And he was dead serious. After Evans saw his tweet, she reached to him via DM to see if he was being serious. The two exchanged information and planned for Lil Nas X to surprise Lander students with a surprise show. Evans kept the whole thing quiet, even tricking local media into thinking it wasn't going to happen. At the end-of-the-year magic show, Evans came out and told the kids she had one more magic trick to show them, and that's when Lil Nas X popped out!

The kids absolutely lost their MINDS. Like, this was the best day of their lives, hands down. What an awesome experience! They were all dancing and singing along, and it was something special.

The rapper even stuck around after the performance to do a meet and greet with students, walking down the hallway giving high-fives and and taking selfies with every single student in attendance. He even chatted with parents on the playground afterward! What a great guy. And kudos to Principal Evans for making it happen!

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