This Grandma Ironing Her Granddaughter's Pride Flag Is Giving Us The Feels

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June is Pride month, which is when we celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. Many LGBTQ+ people are often ostracized by their communities and the world at large. Often, they are ostracized, misunderstood, or even disowned by their families. So, seeing pictures of a grandma ironing her granddaughter's Pride flag is hitting us right in the feels. College student Lexie Nobrega was attending DC Pride this past weekend, and was visiting with her grandparents before the event. Her grandma noticed that her bisexual pride flag was wrinkled, and in true grandma fashion, she immediately set out to fix it. Nobrega snapped a picture of her grandma ironing the flag, and documented it in a series of tweets.

Lexie Nobrega, who is 21, admits that it took her some time to come out to her grandmother as bisexual. In a separate tweet she explains that her fear was her grandmother would "see me differently," a common fear for members of the community. There are many misconceptions about bisexual people especially. Often, they are viewed as confused, or less than, or liars. Because they are often interested in both genders, people don't take them seriously.

It is also hard coming out to older members of your family as well. Because of societal biases that go back decades, many older people are still less than accepting of their LGBTQ+ loved ones. But luckily, Nobrega explains that her relationship with her grandma is still as strong as ever. Grandmas often express their love in the simplest of ways, be it making us something to eat, buying something they know we love, or like this, ironing our Pride flag. For Nobrega, this small gesture meant the world. "It holds so much love and meaning for me," she said.

So when Lexie Nobrega got to DC Pride with her bisexual flag expertly forming a cape around her, it was almost like a walking hug from her grandma. So often, we take our grandparents for granted, but it is moments like these where you realize just how special it is to have people in your life who will love you unconditionally. Hopefully, everyone has at least one person in their lives like Lexie Nobrega's grandma, who will show them love in the simplest of ways.

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