Kid Writes Heartbreaking Letter To Santa Asking For 'Food' & 'A Home'

Gerard Woodhouse, the Labour Councillor of the Liverpool County Ward, tweeted out a photo of a kid’s heartbreaking letter to Santa. This Christmas season, many children are looking forward to getting their presents and feeling extra loved during the holidays. This kid, however, just wants a normal life for once.

All of us look forward to the holidays because of all the happy vibes we get. We get time off work or school, and family and friends finally get together and spent time with each other. While not everyone can afford to give gifts, the time spent together is more than enough to make you feel loved and happy. Some kids, however, don’t even have this privilege, and they’re asking Santa for basic needs.

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On November 17th, Woodhouse tweeted out a letter to Santa they received in their post box. The L6 Centre in North Liverpool set up a Santa post box in their café while they create the rest of their decorations for Christmas. The team was expecting to find cute letters asking for ridiculous things like a pony, endless candy, or rocket-propelled socks, but what they found was a depressing letter from a seven-year-old kid.

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The letter was addressed to Father Christmas, and the first line just reads “can you help.” The short letter asks for three simple things: a home, food, and a nice doll. Clearly, this child is living in a home that is struggling, and they even wrote that their mom wants them to finally eat together for once. The kid signs the letter off with “thank you” and doesn’t ask for anything else.

It won’t take much to make this child’s Christmas. While Woodhouse didn’t specify who it was from, there are ways to help out kids like them. There are numerous food and gift drives during the holiday season, and many of them will help out a lot. Especially for those struggling to put food on the table, having a free, nice meal for once will do wonders for their self-esteem and confidence. It is the season of giving, we should give to those in need if we are able to. Santa doesn’t have to be the only one making a kid’s day during Christmas.

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