Lesson Plans Gone Wrong: 20 Teachers Who Dealt With Hilarious Situations

There are two definites when it comes to teachers: they're underpaid and underappreciated. When kids are old enough to start school, most parents look at it as a bittersweet moment. They're sad their little one old enough to be in school for a full day, but they're happy that they're on the right track to success. Parents will do everything they can to make their child succeed, but once they're in high school, most of that responsibility is now on their teenager.

Since teachers are the ones who are responsible for our children throughout the school day, it's important that parents trust the school district their child is enrolled in. (And if I'm being honest, the parents of these students definitely chose the right school district.) While these teachers are responsible for passing and flunking a student, it's ultimately up to the student to decide how much effort they place forward. Instead of taking the grumpy route, these 20 teachers handled tricky situations like a professional. From silly notes on exams to sarcastic one-liners to a classic costume change — these teachers don't take themselves too seriously.

Instead of handling unfortunate situations with a note to the principal's office, these teachers took every speedbump with a grain of salt, handling everything with humor.

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20 When Your Teacher Catches You On Your Phone

AirDrop is very mysterious to me. It's a way to send a person something from their phone without actually messaged them. If your Bluetooth is turned on, anyone within distance can AirDrop you something, essentially. In this case, a student was on their phone in class, and this teacher found a way to put a stop to it. Instead of the old fashioned way, this teacher sent this student a warning via AirDrop. Now that's what I call Millennial-style teaching! As a student, they were probably freaked out by the fact that their teacher knew how to AirDrop, but no before getting a screenshot to save for memories.

19 When You Need Your Grade Changed

I'm sure you've seen posts like this across the Internet by now. I'm not sure which teacher was cheeky enough to start it, but it caught on like wildfire. After teaching all year and getting to know his students quite well, he decided to set up a time to talk to any student that had a problem with their grade. "All set for my meeting with the student that missed more than 30 classes this semester and emailed me to set up an appointment to talk about his grade." Being fairly confident in his reasoning, his entire system looks intimidating... I feel bad for the student who missed most of the year and thought they had a chance! 

18 Don't Mess With This Calculous Teacher

Schools only have so much money to provide teachers with the tools they need to teach a successful class. So if there is anything extra that a teacher would like for the classroom, they're going to have to buy it themselves. This can make a few teachers protective of the tools they're offering to students. This teacher, in particular, was probably tired of handing out their own calculators to students who didn't have one, only for them to leave the class with the calculator. Making sure this never happened again, they attached their calculator to a brick so no student would dare try to swipe this at the end of class. It's a little bulky but I like where their head is at.

17 There Was A Wasp

Without knowing the background of this image, it just looks like a crazy teacher lighting the ceiling on fire. However, it's kind of worse than that. "Today in class a wasp flew into our room and was sitting on our ceiling, and instead of just killing it with a ruler or book or something, my teacher set it on fire!" I feel like this goes against a few safety codes, but maybe this teacher is super afraid of wasps? Or perhaps he (or a student) has a severe allergy to the little guy. Regardless, there were a few ways this teacher could have handled the situation, but they chose that way...

16 Professor Quirrell In The House

As a wizard, Professor Quirrell started off his occupation at Hogwarts by teaching Muggle studies. Over time, however, he became the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher for a year (we all know how that ends). Wanting to prove to the world that he could find Voldemort himself, the joke was on him when Voldemort ended up taking over his body. In this scenario, however, a student explained that their "assistant principal dressed up as Professor Quirrell for Haloween because everyone calls him Voldemort since he looks just like him." Knowing the backstory, I think it's safe to say that this school has a pretty cool principal.

15 Warning: Don't Fall Asleep In Class

I'm always stunned when I meet someone who has never fallen asleep in a class before. They're the real heroes. There was nothing more tiring than eating a huge lunch and having to sit in a warm, dark Spanish class for an hour. I fell asleep in that class for a solid 10 minutes every day. This, however, was in a time before social media really started happening. I never had to worry about someone taking a picture of me sleeping or my teacher taking a selfie with me because it just wasn't a thing. This teacher obviously has a trusting relationship with his students, so why not pull a little prank on a sleeping student?

14 Never Leave Your Phone Unlocked

Most kids these days have locks on their phones so they can keep their information private from those around them, or to keep their parents from snooping. However, after being caught with their phone in class multiple times, this student's phone was confiscated by his teacher. When he was given his phone back at the end of the day, his lock screen had a different background: it was his professor and his buddies. I'm going to go out on a limb and say this was done for laughs; I don't think the teachers would have pulled a stunt like this on a student they couldn't joke around with. Regardless of what this student thought, I doubt they were caught with their phone in class again.

13 A Teacher Who's Also A Little Extra

Over time, students know which teachers they can trick. If their teacher grades papers during testing hours, and are deeply concentrated on their work, students can get away with taking a peek at their neighbor's test without getting in trouble. However, then we have teachers like this one. So against peeking off someone else's work, this teacher literally sat on top of a shelf just to make sure all students were focusing on their own test... Some may say this teacher is dramatic, but they've clearly had some issues with this kind of thing before, right? Why else would anyone want to do this?

12 Preparing Your Students For Adulthood

One of my favorite teachers in elementary school was pregnant, and it was so fun seeing her grow bigger and bigger throughout the year. Now, some of the things she used to do were put on the back burner for a few months, but you could tell she was preparing for motherhood because she would show us some of the new gadgets she was buying and if we liked it. In this situation, this high school teacher was practicing bringing her car seat in and out of the car, but instead of simply leaving it in the car, she made it her hall pass. This student is simply not amused by this car seat, but at least the teacher knows he won't skip class. You can't really go walking around the school with a car seat without being noticed.

11 Eye Spy Indiana Jones

If you ask me, there are one too many teachers who take themselves and their work too seriously. Yes, being a teacher is a big job to take on, but that doesn't mean you have to intimidate students into learning. You don't need to change who you are just to teach a class. In fact, I think students learn more from a teacher who is unapologetically themselves; it's inspiring! Likewise, this teacher didn't want to become another statistic in his school's yearbook picture. Instead of dressing up in his every-day-wear, he decided to dress up as Indiana Jones. Who knows why, but maybe his last name is Jones?

10 Catching A Student Red Handed

This image came with a ton of feedback for the way this teacher handled the situation, but he did what he thought was best in his professional opinion. "One of my female students was smoking in the bathroom so I'm sitting outside until she's done so I can suspend her."

Some comments were wondering why it mattered that it was a "female" in the restroom. It's kind of self-explanatory, of course, because if it were a male smoking in the boy's bathroom, this man would have gone in and caught him redhanded. Since it's a girl, however, he has no choice but to wait outside until she's done.

How he knew she was smoking is over my head, but you can see the side smirk on this man's face knowing that he's about to bust a student for ignoring the rules.

9 Always Ask Questions

I was not a great test taker. I studied and studied until I fell asleep on top of my work and I still came by with a 'C' average. I knew the information forwards and backward, but when it came to tests, I always felt like teachers were trying to trick us! I was always so excited when there was an extra credit question, though, because it could have been about anything.

After telling their students to "impress" them, this student stunned their teacher by saying "Why?". Funny enough, they didn't just get one bonus point, they got four! I'm gonna go ahead and take this situation as advice. Who knows what kind of good can come from always questioning those in authoritative positions!

8 A Burnt Pizza Can Also Make A Great Clock


Home economics was a big deal in my middle school growing up, but I think those kinds of classes have dwindled in present times. We learned how to sew and cook, which was a fun break in the middle of the day. The cooking aspect of the class was always fun because we made things we could eat right then and there. In this class, a student made a pizza... well, sort of it. They burnt it to a crisp! Instead of tossing the dough out and probably flunking this student, their teacher turned their black pizza into a piece of art. It is now a working clock. What better accessory to have in a culinary class than a burnt pizza as a clock?

7 The Best Trolling Teacher I've Ever Seen

Every teacher has open office hours for their students. It's a few hours a day where students can pop in their teacher's office to talk about their grade, assignments, and everything class related. While these hours are definitely a service to students, not every student utilizes them until the end of their year when they're scrambling. This creates annoyed teachers who end up sitting in their office, waiting around for students who don't show up. To prove to the school that this teacher is putting in some extra hours, he printed out a picture of himself on his computer and taped it to the door for some laughs.

6 When The Ball Gets Stuck In The Rafters

Whenever students play kickball or volleyball, a ball is bound to get stuck in the rafters somewhere. Depending on the school, some teachers try to get all the balls down as soon as it happens, while others call janitors to help them out at the end of the school day. Nevertheless, this teacher decided to solve the problem himself. "Our gym teachers tactic for getting a ball down from the rafters" one student laughs.

To be honest, using a bow to get the ball down from the rafters seems like a silly idea since it's most likely going to pop the ball, but when you're trying to get students to laugh, you might as well take your shot.

5 When Your Students Need Extra Help In History

Some students are very visual. No matter how many times a kid reads how to do something, they may need a visual to go along with their reading until they fully understand it. Since learning history can seem like a glob of dates and figures with white wigs, everything can get jumbled together. To help students on their quest for knowledge, this teacher dressed the part to really describe the times of history. I mean, he really went all out. Where can a person even buy Medieval garb like that these days? It also seems rather heavy! Regardless, I'm sure every student learned a little more than intended this day.

4 Happy Pi Day

Pi Day is a quirky annual celebration on March 14th. The mathematical constant (π) Pi begins with the numbers three, one, and four. To make learning the number nationally fun, most have designated this day in March as "Pi day." This is probably the one day out of the year where math teachers have an excuse to have a themed day. Just look at this teacher; he decided to turn his beard/mustache combination into the Pi symbol! From a distance, you may think his facial hair was cut rather sloppily. In reality, though, this teacher knew what he was doing. I can only imagine what his classroom did on this celebratory day.

3 A Wall Of Proof

I never understood how students forgot to put their name on assignments. It's one of the first things students learn when they enter school! "Please name and date" whatever piece of paper you're working on. This easily allows teachers to know whose work their grading. Plus, it's just a considerate thing to do... After a while, most teachers learn each students handwriting, but it can still make it difficult when grading tests! To make sure students learned their lesson, this teacher made an entire wall dedicated to those students who never placed their names on their exams. Nice work, teach.

2 The Ultimate Cat Lady

From afar, this looks like a teacher who loves cats so much, she has them wandering throughout her classroom. However, cat allergies are far too common for a teacher to get away with something like that. You can't compromise a student's health simply because you can't spend a few hours away from your cats. In reality, however, this teacher saw a stray kitten on her way to work. Not knowing what to do with the little guy, she brought it to school until she found a solution. I'm sure learning a lesson with a kitten purring around was difficult, but it made the lesson fun, nonetheless.

1 Senioritis: Noun

I was a sophomore in high school when I first learned about "senioritis." I thought it was some sort of disease at first, but it was actually what seniors called the feeling they got when they were simply over with high school. They no longer cared about trying or even graduating with a particular GPA; they just wanted to be done with school and move on with their lives. To educate his students on the er, "disease," this teacher seemed to have a lecture on senioritis. Although I love his symptoms for senioritis, I love his class motto even more.

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