Donate Your Old LEGOs Through LEGO RePlay & Give Them A Second Life

When was the last time you were walking around your kids' playroom and stepped on a LEGO (and screamed at the top of your lungs in pain)? If you don't know the answer to that question, then it's probably been a while since your kids played with the toy and it may be a good time to consider donating their old blocks.

While any form of donation is great, LEGO actually has a program called RePlay where they allow families to donate their old LEGOs to give them new life with kids who may otherwise not have access to the classic toy.

Donating the LEGOs is super simple, too. All you have to do is box them up, print a free shipping label from the RePlay website, and drop off the box to be shipped! You can donate any and all types/size bricks you have, and there is no need to try to organize them. Just dump them all in a box and send them off. Seriously, it's probably the easiest way to clean your house.

Once LEGO RePlay receives your box of toys, they work with organizations like Teach for America and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston to give the bricks to thousands of kids who may otherwise not ever get to play with them. So, instead of collecting dust in your attic, they'll be in the hands of some pretty special kiddos (and isn't that what all toys want, according to Toy Story?).

According to LEGO, they have made a "Planet Promise" and part of that is understanding the long life each brick has (in fact, the life is so good that 97% of LEGO owners keep their bricks and pass them down to the next generation!). They want to do whatever they can to ensure any unused bricks are being played with and that they're not manufacturing more pieces than necessary.

Everyone loves a good LEGO brick and this is a way to share your love of the toy with so many kids across America. These toys are good for developing motor skills and allowing kids the opportunity to expand their imaginations. LEGOs are a staple in most playrooms, but if yours aren't being played with, give someone else the opportunity to play with, and step on, them.

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