LEGO Creates Building Set For Adults That Helps Reduce Stress And Anxiety

lego FORMA

Move over adult coloring books – there is a new product to help improve our mental health. And it’s also an activity that is designed to help you connect with your creative side while decreasing stress.

LEGO has launched the new “FORMA” LEGO to help encourage adults looking for a fun, engaging way to reconnect with their creative side.

LEGO FORMA essentially are pieces used to create a fish skeleton and each of the four options (or customizable skins) available come with a crankshaft and gear system that lets them move like they’re in motion. LEGO has partnered with crowdfunding IndieGoGo for their latest brainchild.

The people at LEGO surveyed more than 13,000 people to understand the relationship “between well-being and play,” and spoke to potential customers to learn about their needs and get input on their concepts.

They found 91 percent of respondents believe play is good for their well-being and 86 percent believe it helps them feel more relaxed, will reduce stress and anxiety.

the forma line uses several LEGO technical elements to form the skeleton of a fish. Each set comes with paper skins that can be colored in whatever way the builder wants before being applied to the body. Avcrankshaft can be turned to engage a series of gears that make the fish wiggle as it would in real life. The result is an interesting conversation piece.

The customizable skins come in Koi, Shark, Splash Koi, or decorate your own with the Ink Koi Skin. It looks like they’ll also sell “Super Boxes” which will come with all four skins.

The LEGO will come with 294 individual elements, so that’s a real opportunity to get creative and stay engaged.

So far, Indiegogo has raised $1.4 million. Sets are currently selling for $46 each on indiegogo (with a $66 market price). The base set comes with a koi fish skin, but LEGO will sell other skins–like a shark or a splash koi fish for $15 each.

According to IndieGoGo, they’ll be ready to ship in January 2019.

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