Mom Whose Car Was Stolen With Her Twins Inside Issues Warning About 'Puffing'

A Denver mom is recounting what she called "the worst 30 minutes" of her life after her car was stolen with her twin toddlers still inside. Trisha Doyle admits she never thought it would happen to her when she ran back into her house to grab her older son, leaving her twins in the car.

Doyle told WGRZ News that her twin sons, who will turn two years old next month were with her as she was running errands in the morning. She returned then returned to her home at approximately 7:30 am to grab her older son so she could bring him to school. She left the twins in the car thinking she was just quickly dashing in the house and would be right out.

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"By the time she got out, in a very short span of time, we're probably talking 30 seconds to a minute, minute 1/2, that car was gone," Commander Mark Fleecs told the news station. "I turned around to come back out," Doyle said. "My heart fell out of my chest when I realized my car wasn't there. And the first thing I thought was, 'What about my children?'"

"I was completely panicked, I ran down the street even to see if I could see where the car had gone," she said. "It was utter panic." The frantic mom immediately called 911 to report the theft and her missing children.

Fortunately for Doyle, she had left her phone in the car and was able to track the location of the car through her phone. Police were able to locate her car within a half-hour with her boys still safely strapped in their car seats.

Police call the practice of leaving a car running while the occupants leave it puffing. "I've seen all of the signs that the police put out in the winter saying it's puffer season," Doyle added. "I knew that it was a possibility. But it never occurred to me that it would really happen to me, and what followed was the worst 30 minutes of my life. So I just want to say to anyone who's watching or listening, don't leave your cars running, it's just not worth it."

Police haven't made any arrests in the case.

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