This Text Message Leah Remini Received From Her Daughter Is So Typical Teenager

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Actress Leah Remini recently shared a text conversation she had with her teen daughter, Sophia, proving that the young girl is “Peak 2018 Kid.”  Apparently, Sophia knows exactly what she wants when it comes to having her first meal of the day. Her order was so specific, that it left many of Leah’s fans quite impressed.

Leah shares her daughter, Sofia, with her husband, Angelo Pagan. She's an only child and it's pretty clear that Sofia is pretty loved. She is very likely just like many other 14-year-old girls and it seems from her text message her mom shared with the world, that she's loved and close with her mom.

According to Leah's Instagram account, Sofia's very detailed breakfast order is going viral for all the right reasons. It all began when Leah simply asked Sofia what she wanted she wanted for breakfast. Even though they were both home, the actress did what many parents of millennial teens do, and that’s text her from the kitchen of their home. Sofia's response was surprising, if not also hilarious for a lot of Leah’s fans.

When Leah wrote, “What would you like my love,” the 14-year-old responded with, “Super crispy turkey bacon with a buttered almost burnt English muffin and fruit plz.”

If that weren’t enough, when Leah asked what kind of fruit Sofia wanted, she simply responded with, “An array.”

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that there were plenty of Leah Remini’s social media followers that had something to say about the texts. Some have left comments under the post such as, “This is incredible Leah, your kid is going places in life. And this is exactly what I would want my mom to make me for breakfast, too,” along with, “That is the best and only way to get an English muffin, she gets it.”

So far Leah herself hasn’t revealed if her daughter’s breakfast wish was granted. Although judging by how detailed her order was, it wouldn’t be surprising if this wasn’t the first time she’s had such a request.

A lot of other parents that had children close to Sofia's age also commiserated with Leah, explaining that their teen children often give them similar requests when it comes to their breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Today, my little girl turns 13 years old! I'm a little emotional..

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At least she's saying her "pleases" and "thank yous."

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