Lavender-Grey Is The Latest Hair Color Trend All Over Instagram

lavender gray

Some people pick a hair color that works for them and stick with it. Maybe you're one of those lucky people whose natural hair is gorgeous and envied by the rest of us. Or maybe a risky experiment in college paid off, and you found the hair color you should have been born with and have been keeping it up all these years. But there are other people who like to change their hair color like they change their shoes. Hair color can be such a great way to express your creativity! And we know it's technically permanent. But anyone who's ever gone from ice blonde to chocolate brown and back again knows that those rules of permanence can be challenged. New hair color trends pop every every season or so, and it's always fun to see what people are going with their color. From deep reds to balayage, the hair color trend scene is pretty exciting! The latest trend is giving us all kinds of romantic vibes, and we're seriously considering taking the plunge. Just check out how people are rocking the newest trend of lavender-grey hair on Instagram. These are seriously stunning.

OK, first of all, that looks like cotton candy you'd find at a fair in Arendelle in the sequel to Frozen. So absolutely gorgeous! We love how the lavender is subtle and woven into the icy grey. This is definitely an option for someone with naturally lighter hair, or someone with a lot of time (and money) to invest in getting it this light.

Then there's this smoky lavender-grey beauty. It's deep and rich without being too dark, and again the lavender is subtle. So if you've been jonesing to add a cool color to your hair but haven't quite worked your way up to shocking pink or purple, this lavender-grey hair color trend may be right up your alley.

Of course, you can always go all out with the lavender, like this example. We love how the roots are a darker purple, and it fades into an icy grey through the ends of the hair. Sort of like a colorful (but still not too colorful) dark-to-light balayage. Just goes to show, you can totally hitch a ride on the lavender-grey hair color trend, no matter what you're starting with and what you hope to achieve.

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