Lauren Duggar Defends Post About Miscarriage After Fan Comments On Her Mood

Celebrities and reality stars often have to deal with a lot of unsolicited advice on social media especially when it comes to parenting-related topics. Fans and followers will often offer their 2 cents on everything pregnancy and parenting related despite not knowing these people personally.

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month and in hopes of erasing the stigma surrounding pregnancy loss and miscarriage, Lauren Duggar, who is married to Duggar son Josiah, wrote a very sweet dedication on Instagram for those who have also experienced loss. Lauren, who is currently pregnant, experienced a traumatic miscarriage last year that she and Josiah have publicly spoken about in the past.

"Sending love this month to any parent who has lost a baby," Lauren began her post. "Losing a little life at any stage is heartbreaking and devastating and should not go unnoticed. For all you mamas, yes, even you mamas who's arms have never had the chance to hold your babies-you’re a Mama! Remember, that you are loved. You are a warrior. You are not alone. You are not forgotten." The post was honest and raw and touching and many of Lauren's fans thanked her for acknowledging those who have experienced such a loss, however one fan thought it was time for Lauren to move on and stop being 'so sad'.

One fan offered her 'unsolicited but motherly advice' and told Lauren that she should "look forward...keep your 1st pregnancy in your heart and move forward with great anticipation & excitement for your 1st born child." She went on to write that "You seem very sad...try to seek guidance on keeping life in perspective because life is full of heartache and disappointment. Find the joy in the upcoming arrival and give thanks for this new life..Give this new baby your joy...not your sadness..."

Although many fans came to Lauren's defense, the reality star herself replied to let this commenter know that they clearly didn't understand the point of her post. "Thank you for the advice and concern, but I think you miss understood me," Lauren began her reply. "I didn’t write this for others to feel sorry for me or because I am sad. Instead, I write this so others will go out and be an encouragement and love on mothers of lost little ones," she noted. "I can’t even describe to you how extremely happy and so very grateful that the Lord has blessed my husband and I with a daughter on the way!!!! However, even a mother who has many children on this earth and loses one baby will always have a sadness in her heart for the memories she never got to make with the baby in heaven. Our little girl will definitely get double the amount of love-we praise God every day for such a wonderful gift."

It's nice to see so many celebrities and reality stars speaking openly about their own personal experiences with pregnancy loss and miscarriage. It is said that one in four pregnancies results in a miscarriage, yet it's not something that is commonly spoken about leaving many women to feel shame and lack of support. Every person who speaks out publicly should be applauded for helping to reduce the stigma attached to pregnancy loss and miscarriage so women feel supported and know they too can speak openly about their own experience.

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