Mom Has The Best Response After Getting The Question 'Every Woman Dreads'

Laura Mazza - Mum on the Run

This mom and blogger is opening up about the dreaded question that no woman wants to hear, especially after they’ve given birth. Laura Mazza, who is best known for her popular blog, “Mum on the Run,” reveals that she was recently asked when her due date was, when in fact, she’s not pregnant at all.

And while a lot of women would have cringed over being asked such a question, Laura managed to take everything in stride. In fact, she even managed to inject a little humor in it. After all, she gave birth to her children and she knows what her body is capable and not capable of doing. And according to Laura, she’s absolutely fine with it.

She wrote on her Facebook page, “ I wasn’t upset. I wasn’t sad. I wasn’t embarrassed. I didn’t feel bad. I still look pregnant, and really, why wouldn’t I? I keep having babies two years apart. I’ve grown their bones, their eyes, their little noses and toes and I’ve created their little beautiful hearts. My organs squished down to allow them to grow and my muscles separated to let them grow bigger.”

It happened. I got asked the three words that every woman dreads when she is not pregnant (well four words) “So when...

Posted by Laura Mazza - Mum on the Run on Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Laura goes on to say that she doesn’t take anything in life for granted, along with her body and all of the amazing things she’s been able to do as a mother. She recounted all of the times she fed her children as babies in the middle of the night, how she watched them grow over the years and nurtured them to the point of exhaustion. She might be tired, but she’s not one to give up.

With that being said, Laura also pointed out that her hair is almost always in a “mess” and that she’s still wearing her maternity leggings, mostly because they remind her of her pregnancy and how she made her children, or her "beautiful amazing little things.”

She added, “A friend of mine expressed about feeling so upset that she still had her mum body three months after having her baby...I mean why do I, or she have to worry about hiding the evidence of all that we have achieved? All that we have made? Why should we feel bad? Why should anyone?”

Posted by Laura Mazza - Mum on the Run on Thursday, September 29, 2016

Laura’s post has inspired many other mothers to open up about the time they have been asked the “three dreaded words” and their reactions to it, too. Many have said that Laura has helped them look at their own bodies from a different perspective. Rather than see all of their faults in the mirror, many have been encouraged to appreciate the strength and capabilities of their bodies instead. Her Facebook post has been liked over 4,000 times with almost 1,000 shares and growing.


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