Mom Left Confused After School Says Kid's Packed Lunch Was 'Unhealthy'

Packing lunch for kids isn't as easy as it used to be. Back in the 90s, there weren't really any rules that focused on healthy eating. Chips, sandwiches, even chocolate often appeared in lunch boxes. These days, we know much more about the risks of childhood obesity, so parents and schools work together to ensure kids are provided with a balanced meal. However, it doesn't always work out. One British mom has been left baffled after her son's school sent back a lunch box packed full of fruit and vegetables, according to Metro.

Laura Lee shared a picture of the offending snack box on a Facebook post where parents were discussing school lunches. The blue container consisted of crackers and cheese, what looks like a ham sandwich, grapes, red peppers, cucumbers, and three mini cookies. While the rest of the meal was deemed suitable by teachers, they took the mother to task over the sweet treat. Other moms leaped to her defense, sharing their own stories of woe.

Credit: Facebook / /Cornwall Live

One woman said that her own son went to school with a perfectly reasonable lunch, only for teachers to call her over his "fizzy" drink. It was actually carbonated water and not lemonade like teachers thought. The post also inspired others to talk about the free school meals available to kids in the UK, which often include a dessert such as syrup sponge and custard, or other high-sugar items.

Schools in England have to adhere to laws that meet food standards to ensure kids are getting all the nutrients they need. With that being said, certain items are prohibited. Chips, chocolate, and sweets are banned from school vending machines, while other items are limited. Deep-friend, battered or breaded foods such as chicken nuggets or fish fingers are only allowed to be served twice in a week cafeterias.

With childhood obesity an ongoing problem, it makes sense to be mindful of what kids bring with them, too. But are three mini cookies really going to do the world of harm when they're surrounded by healthy, fresh fruit and vegetables? The jury is still out on that one.

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