People Who Are Always Late Will Live Longer, More Successful Lives

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Here we go, the news of the century that everyone (especially moms if we're being honest here) has been dying to hear: chronically late people will live longer, according to new research. We know, every single person reading this who has the "bad" habit among their group of friends for always being the last one to show up is silently going "yes, yes, yes." But how can this actually be true? Well, health and science experts both have the answers for us.

According to experts at Harvard Medical School, there is scientific evidence backing these facts up.  The basic facts are this: people who are always running late are usually less stressed out, don't let deadlines bother them and are just more zen like people overall. Turn out that being a more relaxed person can lead to lower blood pressure, better cardiovascular health, fewer chances for a stroke, and lower chances of depression. And of course, when all of those good things are happening to your body, you live longer.

The good vibes from always being late don't just end there though. (We know, can you believe there's more?) All of these late people running around tend to be much more optimistic, too. In fact, they genuinely believe that they can squeeze in more things into the day like errands, workouts, school pick ups, or whatever else before making it to wherever they need to be on time. Makes sense.

And whether you realize it or not, being an optimistic person plays a huge impact in your overall health. Seriously. The Harvard Health report noted that “Optimism helps people cope with the disease and recover from surgery. Even more impressive is the impact of a positive outlook on overall health and longevity. Research tells us that an optimistic outlook early in life can predict better health and a lower rate of death during follow-up periods of 15 to 40 years.” This is definitely something worth paying attention to.

But how late is too late whenever it comes to all these amazing health benefits? Well, these findings apply to people who are, of course, chronically late, but not extremely later. For instance, five or ten minutes is one thing, fifteen or twenty is kinda pushing it, but anything more than that is going overboard. If you are fifteen or twenty minutes late to every single thing that you commit to, then maybe it's time to lessen your load.

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