Every Nursing Mom Needs These Ingenious Breast Pads

We all know the old saying "breast is best" (although, frankly, here at Moms.com we believe fed is best) but it's not always as easy as we think it's going to be. When your milk comes in full and fast, it can be tricky to keep up. If your baby doesn't feed enough or you haven't quite got your technique down yet, your breasts can become engorged and painful. On the flip side, some moms find that despite constant attempts to nurse, their supply isn't as plentiful as they need it to be. It can be a minefield, full of sore nipples and swollen milk ducts. Luckily, Lansinoh has swooped in to save the day.

Breastpads have long since been a staple in the maternity closet for new moms, but they're usually the absorbent, disposable kind, designed to save red faces while out and about. The Lasinoh Therapearl 2-in-1 Breast Therapy pads are designed to make life easier for moms. Available on Amazon, they can be heated up to encourage milk flow or cooled down when you need relief. The pads take two hours to freeze, or just 13 seconds to warm in the microwave. It's the quickest breastfeeding miracle you'll ever have.

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They're also made specifically to mold to the shape of the breast, so are fully flexible whether they're hot or cold. The design sits around the nipple comfortably. When they're not being used to soothe your woes, they can be stored in washable covers to keep them in tip-top condition. Buyers rave about them, leaving a host of positive reviews. The reasons for purchases are as wide and varied as you'd expect.

Credit: Amazon

One mom bought the pads in the hope they would help with let-down for expressing. They did just that, helping her to pump a larger volume in one sitting. Another new mom admitted she bought a ton of stuff when expecting, but she never expected the Lanisoh breast pads to be one of the items she was "over the moon" with.

So, breast might be best, but it could be even better with these bad boys in tow.

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