300 Dancers Come Together Outside 'GMA' After Lara Spencer Mocked Prince George

It was just a few days ago that Good Morning America host Lara Spencer angered fans across the country when she seemed to make fun of the fact that Prince George would be taking ballet as part of his school curriculum. During a segment when she was speaking about the future King's schooling, Spencer mentioned with a smirk that Prince George would be taking ballet along with other courses. "Prince William says George absolutely loves ballet," she said with a smirk to the cameras. "I have news for you Prince William: We’ll see how long that lasts."

Spencer's remarks were widely criticized online from members of the dance and arts community and the public at large for further perpetuating the image of toxic masculinity and implying that men aren't interested in the arts or dancing. "I screwed up," Spencer admitted after her comments went viral, resulting in the hashtag #BoysDanceToo being created. "The comment I made about dance was insensitive. It was stupid and I am deeply sorry," she added.

In response to Spencer's comments and in support of #BoysDanceToo, the morning show host sat down with dancers Robert Fairchild, Travis Wall, and Fabrice Calmels as they discussed their own experiences with being bullied for their love of dance.

Also in response, over 300 dancers arrived outside in Times Square on Monday morning for a 6:30 am "Good Morning Ballet" class.

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Boys Dance Too 😄 #boysdancetoo

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Wall, who is an Emmy winning choreographer for So You Think You Can Dance as well as Artistic Director of Shaping Sound posted pictures and videos from the incredible event on Instagram writing, "300 dancers showed up for a ballet class this morning in Times Square. Getting to teach young men and women and getting to share stories was one of the most beautiful mornings I’ve ever had! I love our dance community!!! #voicesheard#ballet #boysdancetoo #ilovedance"

Wall told The New York Times that, "I was horrified thinking about little boys hearing the laughter," after the segment went live, but he stated he was open to speaking Spencer.  When asked if he thought Spencer should have been more seriously reprimanded for her remarks, Wall stated that "People make mistakes. And you have to think about the bigger picture: We brought attention to something that possibly was never going to get the light of day, and now everyone’s aware of how incredible it is for a boy to be a dancer."

Robert Fairchild agreed with Wall saying, "I think so much good can come out of this as long as we remain people who are able to forgive," he said. "It’s also such a divisive society. Who are going to be the people to try and bridge gaps? Artists."

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