Mom Admits She Puts Her Job Before Her Kids, And Doesn't Care What You Think

In an opinion piece for the New York Times, a mother wrote a frank and honest piece about how she's put her job before her kids. Lara Bazelon is a lawyer, professor, writer and a mother. In her post, she talks candidly about the moments she missed as a working mother, stating that there have been times that her clients needed her more.

Her story recounts a time where she was trying to get a man out of prison for a crime he didn't commit. He had been incarcerated for 34 years, and her work on the case required her to be away from her kids for long stretches of time. Her children stayed with her family during this time.

Bazelon's piece is a touching human story of the cost of modern parenting. Mothers are simultaneously expected to do everything, and then vilified for it. She explains that she works out of necessity, but also because she enjoys it. To be clear, mothers are allowed to enjoy things and pursue their own goals as well.

Her account tells of the things she has missed because of work, and the emotional strain that that can cause. She also mentions some of the things she has missed to prioritize parenting. Her piece shows that balancing can be hard, and comes with it's own internal struggles. She describes how, although she may not be considered a conventional parent, she is not a "bad" mother.

Although there are sure to be people who will be up in arms about her account, it is actually a touching story of what it is really like to juggle as a mother. To play different roles and try and maintain a sense of self. To try your best to prioritize things, and the aching questions of whether you've made the right choices. Her role as a mother is important, as are her other roles in life. Surely as a lawyer, she has a great deal of importance to the lives of her clients.

Her story is unapologetic, and it shows a glimpse into the world of a working mother. One that is characterized by choices and the constant looming of other people's expectations.

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