First Look At Disney’s Live-Action 'Lady And The Tramp'

During Disney's Investor Day 2019, Disney released some important details about their highly anticipated new streaming service, Disney+. We've been waiting for more information about the service since it was announced a couple of years ago, but details have been hard to come by!

After Disney merged with 21st Century Fox, we knew that what they had in store for Disney+ would pretty much blow everyone away. And during the Investor Day event, we learned just how amazing it's going to be. We're talking all Disney content, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, and Fox - together in one place. One of the biggest draws of the new service is the original content that's been discussed.

On Thursday, we got our first look at one of those exciting original titles, and the picture alone has convinced us to sign up for Disney+! All the live-action versions of some of their most memorable movies have been the talk of the town lately, and it looks like Disney will be using Disney+ to deliver one of the most anticipated: Lady and the Tramp.

lady and the tramp
Image: Walt Disney Company

There are quite a few live-action remakes of classic Disney movies coming out this year. The Lion King and Aladdin are the two big ones, and the trailers for both of those look so good! But if we're being honest, Lady and the Tramp is the one we've been waiting for. Who doesn't love Disney movies about dogs?!

That's one of our favorite Disney movies of all time, and we're so excited to see how they turn it into a live-action film. During the presentation for Disney+, several photos of the proposed homepage were shown, and in one of them, you can see the thumbnail for the movie!

So it sounds like Lady and the Tramp is getting the direct-to-streaming treatment, rather than a theatrical release. Not that we're at all mad about that! The movie will be available for streaming when Disney+ launches on November 12 of this year. Additionally, all Disney movies that were released in 2019 will be available for streaming immediately after their theatrical runs end. That is going to be one amazing streaming service, and we cannot wait to sign up.

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