10 Parenting Rules Kylie Jenner Follows

Kylie Jenner has done a lot of serious growing up over the years. The star went from being a young socialite to being a mother, and apparently this has caused her to change a lot. The Kardashians and the Jenners are extremely famous, and everyone is always reading about the things they are up to.

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Despite this, Kylie was somehow able to keep her pregnancy with her first (and so far, only) child a secret from the rest of the world... at least for the most part. “I don’t think my life has changed since becoming a mom: I think the way I look at life has changed since becoming a mom, I think more of the future,” said Kylie. Here are ten parenting rules that Kylie that you may be able to apply in your own adventures in parenting.

10 She Has Nannies

This television personality is one very busy woman, so it is not a surprise that she hired some people to help her raise her child. There are some people who believe that she has hired approximately four different nannies since having her little girl.

People who are in big families like hers might think that she could just ask the childs’ grandparents to watch her baby for a bit, or one of her siblings. But her whole family is very busy, and many of the star’s siblings have children of their own to take care of, so they probably don’t have the time to do that.

9 Kylie Doesn’t Want Any Germs Touching Stormi

It is natural for a parent to not want germs anywhere near their baby, but Kylie is a bit stricter when it comes to things like that. Apparently, the star (as well as the baby’s father) is known to ask people who visit Stormi to do certain things to avoid accidentally passing germs on to her.

Kylie’s guests have to wear some medical masks when they are anywhere near the baby. That seems extreme, but it is kind of understandable. No parents want their kids to be exposed to germs that could make them sick in the future.

8 Privacy Is A Really Big Deal

Kylie and her baby’s father, Travis, are very popular, but they are trying to keep their daughter out of the spotlight as much as they possibly can. Kylie seems to be taking this pretty seriously.

Most parents take dozens of pictures of their kids when they are born, and post them all over social media, as well as sending the images to their friends and family members. But Kylie has been a bit different. She actually did not send photos of the little one very often after she was born. Kylie and Travis are very serious about Stormi having a normal childhood.

7 Kylie Is The Parent Who Is More Involved

Stormi’s father is not very present in her life, so it is a great thing that she and her mother have a strong bond. While Kylie has changed her entire life so that she can properly care for the baby that they both share, it does not seem that Travis has the same kind of intentions.

He is involved in the music business, which means he will likely spend a lot of time away from his child, and he seems to be pretty okay with that. This is why it is important to try to really get to know a person before having a baby with them.

6 Little Stormi Follows A Vegan Diet

Stormi is no stranger when it comes to the vegan lifestyle. She follows that kind of diet, and it seems as though her mother was already eating vegan meals and snacks before she became pregnant with little Stormi.

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But this Jenner is not the only person in her family to introduce children to a vegan diet, since one of the Kardashians did the exact same thing. One of her sisters, Kourtney, has also done this kind of thing. The television personality also encourages her kids to consume things that are gluten and dairy-free. Kourtney has claimed that she and her kids feel better when they eat like that.

5 She Can’t Appear On Anyone Else’s Social Media Accounts

Kylie is a really strict parent, especially when it comes to whose social media accounts her childs’ image can appear on. The makeup mogul does not like it very much when anyone else posts images of Stormi online.

She has not only banned a few other people from taking pictures with Stormi, but she has certainly made her voice heard when it comes to posting those images online. It is hard to blame her for something like that. Kylie is incredibly active on social media, which means that she knows how dangerous it can be for young people. This is a responsible move on her part.

4 Kylie Makes People Go Through A Lot To See Her Daughter

Stormi probably has a lot of visitors, but they have to go through some really interesting things in order to able to see the little girl. The place that Kylie lives in is heavily guarded by security, which is really good, since she is so rich and famous.

Some celebrities have to deal with fans that do some really extreme and over-the-top things, and Kylie is no different. It just seems like she wants to make sure that her little girl, as well as the people who work for her, are as safe as possible. Sometimes, it is even hard for Kylie herself to get into her own house because of the security guards.

3 She Gets To Go On Lots Of Vacations

Most of the time, children that are as young as Stormi is cannot claim that they have already travelled to many spots around the world, but that is not the case for this little girl. Anyone who follows Kylie on social media knows that she does take lots of vacations, and she’s not exactly in the habit of leaving her daughter at home when she does it.

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While it does seem as though she is mostly with her mom during vacations, there is photographic evidence that her father has been included in these things as well. The little one has been to many different places.

2 Stormi Is Very Fashionable

Stormi’s mother is a big deal in the world of fashion, so it’s not surprising that her mother is making her turn out to be the same way. The little one might be too young to realize (or care) that what she wears is very fashionable, but that doesn’t stop her from having all of the cutest clothes for kids her age and size.

The little girl might not be that old, but she already has plenty of unique fashion moments under her belt, just like her famous cousins, aunts, and uncles do. This child’s closet is probably full of beautiful clothes.

1 People Have To Ditch Their Phones When They Go To Her House

Since Kylie likes to keep things super private when it comes to her daughter, she makes people hand in their electronic devices when they enter her house. If they can make it past the strict security guards, that is.

That is probably because Kylie is worried that someone will take a secret picture or video of her little one without anyone else knowing about it. She is someone who just does not want to risk the privacy of her baby or herself getting sabotaged. The star doesn’t want the world to see images of Stormi unless she is the one posting them.

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