Kylie Jenner Throws Incredible 'Stormiworld' Party For Daughter's First Birthday

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Oh, the first birthday is so special, isn't it? It's the first big milestone to celebrate, the day you can breathe a sigh of relief because you and your little one made it! You did it. The first year is full of ups and downs. It's a long adjustment period with very little sleep, a lot of stress and worry, and it can take a while to find your groove. But by the time the first birthday rolls around, you're pretty much a pro at the whole mom thing, and your little one is entering the funnest stage! So we tend to go a little overboard on that first birthday celebration, you know? And that is universal for the most part. Doesn't matter if it's your first baby or fourth, if you're rich and famous or just a regular person. First birthdays are a big deal, and we love to see parents make them as special as they can be.

Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend Travis Scott welcomed daughter Stormi last year, and just celebrated her first birthday. But she's a Jenner, so obviously the party wasn't just cake and balloons. Kylie and Travis went EXTRA for Stormi's big day, and gave her an actual carnival called Stormiworld.

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i had to go all out for my baby. #StormiWorld

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The party/carnival was so big and over-the-top, it had to be held on a back lot at Universal Studios Hollywood! Most first birthday parties have treats, a few simple games, and cake. Stormi had that and so much more. Stormiworld had carnival rides, a butterfly rainbow forest, hot air balloons, and of course, lots of yummy food! Forget the chips and dip - guests at Stormiworld feasted on soft pretzels, mini pizzas, and lemonade. There was even a merchandise shop, where guests could grab some souvenirs to remember the occasion. The most extra thing about the whole party: the entrance was actually a huge likeness of little Stormi, and guests walked in through her mouth.

You can scroll through the IG post to see some more pictures from the special day. We have to say, we love how Kylie has embraced motherhood, and it looks really good on her! And yes, that is Baby Shark at the end, dancing with the kids. Even rich and famous babies love that thing.

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