Kylie Jenner Has Been Turned Into A Cringey Meme

kylie jenner rise and shine

If your tween, teen or basic Kar/Jenner fan in your family has been singing "riiise and shiiine' at the top of their lungs recently, you can thank Kylie Jenner. The billionaire makeup mogul recently gave fans a tour of her Kylie Cosmetics office which of course contains a playroom for her daughter, Stormi. While Jenner's office is incredibly impressive, there was one moment in the video that fans can't stop talking about.

At around the 15:20 mark of the video, Jenner brings the cameras into Stormi's playroom where she is having a nap. Jenner tells the camera that they're going to wake Stormi up and as she walks into the room and turns on the light, Stormi is sitting up in her crib (probably because there's a cameraman positioned in the room already.) At that moment Jenner sings to her daughter that it's time to "riiise and shiiine" and the internet really can't get enough of it.

Jenner was instantly turned into a meme and the clip of her singing to little Stormi was everywhere!

Kylie Jenner isn't a billionaire for no reason though and quickly jumped on her own 'riiise and shiiine' bandwagon. She had her singing remixed and played it for her daughter Stormi, who wasn't nearly as amused as the rest of the internet and just wanted to hear dad Travis Scott sing.

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daddy’s girl 🙄🙄😍

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She even posted a picture of her face photoshopped into the iconic Teletubbies sun-baby image and wrote: "no caption needed."

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no caption needed

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Celebrities like Ariana Grande even got in on the fun, posting her own rendition of Kylie's new hit jam. “@KylieJenner can I sample,” she captioned her 'cover' of 'rise and shine.' “Yes, yes you can @arianagrande. As long as I’m in [the] music video,” Jenner responded.

Jenner wasn't done yet though, because now the makeup mogul has even released her own line of riiise and shiiine hoodies on her website!

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People couldn't help but appreciate the hustle of the Kar/Jenner family, with some hinting that Kris Jenner was the brains behind turning this viral meme into a solid gold merchandising opportunity.

She's not the youngest self-made billionaire for nothing! Kylie's even changed her Instagram bio to ready simply, 'rise and shine.'

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