13-Year-Old Boy Sells Xbox, Does Yard Work To Buy His Single Mom A Car

Krystal Preston, a single mother in Nevada, got an incredibly heartwarming surprise when her 13 year-old son William bought her a car. Preston originally shared the story on Facebook, where it warmed hearts the world over. What an incredibly selfless act of love from a boy towards his mother. Preston's son is William Rabillo, a 13 year-old boy who had been often leaving the house to work, in an attempt to earn some extra money.

According to Preston, he had been doing some lawnmowing and cleaning for people. However, one day he left and came back with a huge surprise. He had bought his mother a car.

Preston claims that at first she believed it was a joke, however her son had come home with a woman to take them to see the new vehicle. Turns out, her son had been doing work for the woman in order to buy the vehicle. He had also sold his Xbox for the car.

Krystal Preston is a single mother with 3 kids and had no vehicle until this amazing generous gift from her son. According to KOLO-TV, William saw that there was a car for sale locally, and asked if they would give it to him in exchange for his Xbox and some work done around the house. They agreed, and he set off to start earning his moms new car, a white 1999 Chevrolet Metro.

When Preston shared the story on Facebook, it went viral. People all over the world were amazed by the heart and generosity of such a young boy. While many boys that age are more concerned with video games and playing with their friends, this young man was off earning a car for his mother. It's about as heartwarming as a story can get.

Since they posted this story, it got a great deal of attention. They have been interviewed for the news and radio, and people were all very impressed and interested in the story of the young boy who bought his mother a car. Reportedly, Preston had been going through a rough patch, and this whole scenario has made her very proud of her son.

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