Mom Nails Why We Need To Stop Laughing At 'Incompetent Dad' Jokes

Kristina Kuzmic

This parenting gig is no joke, and we've all poked fun at ourselves on occasion in an effort to try to keep things fun and entertaining. No one is perfect! Moms and dads make mistakes, do things that end comically, and hopefully we can laugh at ourselves in the process. But you may have noticed a difference in the way we joke about moms and dads.

Moms are considered the gold standard of parenting, and while we can laugh at some of the mistakes and missteps we make, it's rarely in a way that frames them as incompetent. But when it comes to dads, we tend to make jokes at their expense which make them out to be hapless, bumbling fools. One mom wants to put a stop to that.

You may recognize internet celebrity and all-around funny lady Kristin Kuzmic. She's famous for keeping it real, and millions of moms have watched her videos and connected with the message she puts out. In a Facebook post, Kristin explained why she refuses to make videos that mock dads.

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I’ve been occasionally asked to create videos mocking dads. Though I realize that making dads look like incompetent,...

Posted by Kristina Kuzmic on Thursday, June 14, 2018

Kristin says that she'll sometimes be asked to make videos that make dads out to be incompetent or dumb. You know the type of video she's talking about, right? The ones about dads who can't seem to figure out how to change a diaper, or put their kid's pajamas on backwards.

But Kristin refuses to participate in that kind of mocking.

In her post, she explains that she wouldn't mock moms that way, so why would she do it to dads? No one is perfect. She goes on to explain that making fun of someone rarely, if ever, helps them to be better. There's a huge difference between putting someone down and lifting them up to help them improve, and those kinds of videos don't help anyone!

Finally, Kristin hits the nail on the head about why these types of videos are harmful in the long run. She has sons of her own, and she won't contribute to the idea that men are any less capable of being great parents, partners, and homemakers. She says that her sons might grow up and one day decide to become dads themselves, and she doesn't want them to ever feel like they're inadequate in any way.

There's a difference between laughing at the many, many mistakes we ALL make, and making an entire gender and parenting partner out to be bad or incompetent. We totally agree with Kristin here.

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