Kristen Bell Takes Her Daughter To ER After Slamming Finger In Door

When you become a parent, there are some exciting firsts to look forward to! Your baby's first word, their first step, the first night in their own room. And as they grow, the firsts just keep on coming! The beauty of your first child is that everything is new and every first is special. But there are also some firsts that you can expect that aren't exactly heartwarming or exciting. At some point, you're going to have your very first ER visit with one of your kids. Hopefully it's for something not super serious, and hopefully you get many years of reprieve before you have to experience it! But it happens to pretty much every parent sooner or later, even celebrities. One of our favorite celeb moms, Kristen Bell, had to take one of her daughters to the inaugural ER visit last week, and she shared about the experience on her Instagram account.

Kristen Bell and her husband Dax Shepard have two daughters together - Lincoln, 6, and Delta, 4. We love Kristen because she seems like a really down-to-earth, regular mom. And we were reminded of that when she posted a picture of herself with one of her daughters at the emergency room last week (pics or it didn't happen!). According to Kristen, her little girl's finger had an unfortunate run in with a door, and it sounds like the door might have won this round.

In the caption, Kristen says that her daughter ended up with a hairline fracture in her finger after it was slammed in the door so hard that it literally popped (like a jelly donut, which, ew). Thankfully, she didn't include a close-up of the injured finger. But Kristen and her daughter's matching pouts as they sit in the hospital bed together are heart-breakingly adorable.

Kristen also took the time to give a shout-out to the amazing staff at Children's Hospital Los Angeles for taking such good care of her little girl. When they arrived, they were assigned a "child life specialist" named Sonia, who was there to help explain what was going on to her daughter and make sure Kristen felt comfortable with everything that was happening.

It sounds like CHLA did an amazing job making this kiddo all better! Hope your daughter is recovering well, Kristen! And we hope you're recovering from the stress - we know it's not easy to see your little ones hurt!

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