Kris Jenner Reveals The 'Cool Grandma' Move That 'Mortified' North West

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Yes, even celebrities can embarrass their children and grandchildren. Just ask Kris Jenner who had her cool grandma status promptly demoted by granddaughter North West recently.

Considering the crazy antics the Kardashians and Jenners get into on their long-running reality show, not to mention being tabloid fodder for more than a decade, what could Kris possibly have done to mortify North? Oh, just a little grandma humor.

Here's how it went down: It must have been a spirit week of sorts at North's preschool because Kris was aware that Wednesday was Crazy Hair Day. She was in charge of taking the 4-year-old to school that day, as she told PEOPLE in an interview, and decided it would be fun to get in on the themed action. Donning a blonde wig for the drop-off, the 62-year-old thought North would get a kick out of Grandma's take on "crazy hair."

Unfortunately, that was not the case.

“North was rolling her eyes, probably mortified that her grandmother wore a blonde wig,” recalls Kris. “It was so funny! I mean, a crazy blonde wig.”

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Don't take it too hard, Kris. North recently gave her own mother some serious side-eye when Kim Kardashian attempted to trick her into believing she was actually Aladdin's Princess Jasmine.

The mother of three teamed up with makeup artist Kandee Johnson for a tutorial in which the talented gal works her wizardry and transformed Kim into the beloved character.

For all intents and purposes, Kim really looked like Jasmine, complete with cartoonish eyebrows and and the lengthy side braid. But when the beauty mogul tried to FaceTime her oldest daughter to introduce herself as the princess, North shot her down immediately.


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Not for a second did the little girl believe her mama was Jasmine, with Kim admitting North is her toughest critic.

It's okay, ladies, we all have our moments of thinking we're about to do something that will totally blow our kids minds, then having it completely backfire. Apparently what they say is true -- stars really are just like us.

In more serious news, Kim recently had a meeting at the White House with the president to discuss the very important issue of prison reform. Hardly the usual light-hearted stuff she tackles in her day-to-day public appearances. Perhaps taking on the hard-hitting issues is something North will be proud of, once she's old enough to understand.

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