Krazy Coupon Lady Uses Build-A-Bear's 'Pay Your Age' Sale To Gift Plushes To Refugee Children

It looks like there is one successful outcome following Build-a-Bear’s almost disastrous “Pay Your Age” promotion that took many shopping malls by storm this week. Two women and bloggers, who are best known as the Krazy Coupon Ladies, decided to take matters into their own hands by using the sale to help 100 refugee children.

According to PEOPLE, Heather Wheeler and Joanie Demer, who are the co-founders of the wildly popular Krazy Coupon Lady blog, planned to shuttle 100 refugee children from a nearby neighborhood in Boise, Idaho to the local mall. Each child would then get to select and stuff their very own bear, cat, dog or pony.

“It’s our privilege to get to know these incredibly resilient families and individuals who are making Boise a better place to live, just by being here,” Wheeler said of the Krazy Coupon Lady Foundation, a non-profit benefiting Boise’s refugee community.

“We want families to feel welcome, and our mission is to equip them so that they can thrive in Boise,” she said.

The Krazy Koupon Ladies shared a photo from the Build-a-Bear workshop at the Boise Town Square on their Instagram account, but didn’t specify if they were able to get all 100 bears despite the hectic frenzy at the store.

Did anyone else brave the crowds?!?!?! #buildabear #kraaaaaaaazzzzy #krazycouponlady

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Meanwhile, Build-a-Bear was hoping to generate good publicity with their pay your age promotion. And while the company did a great job of spreading the word, they didn’t anticipate the long lines and customer frustration that followed. Some customers were told that the wait line at their local Build-a-Bear store would be up to six hours long. Because of the crowds, many local law enforcement professionals urged parents and their children to go home over safety concerns. As a matter of fact, the retailer also announced before noon that they would not accept any more customers due to the crowd and the demand.

Initially, the company was hoping to make their “Pay Your Age” event an annual affair. Customers who showed up to the stores had an opportunity to pay their current age for the popular stuffed animals. In other words, if you have a 2-year-old toddler, you would only pay $2 for their bear. If your child is 10, then you pay $10. The price was capped off at $30.

Meanwhile, for those who didn’t get a chance to walk away with their own bear, the company gave away vouchers to customers who were still standing in line at noon. The retailer will also make the vouchers available to US and Canada Build-A-Bear Bonus Club members who log into their account by Sunday, July 15.

The coupons will be honored through August 31.

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