Kim Vs. Kylie: 10 Things Kim Dressed North In (And 10 Things Kylie Dressed Stormi In)

When it comes to the Kardashian/Jenners, it is quite evident that a new generation is slowly on the rise, as many of the sisters already have children. In fact, all of them besides Kendall have a child, and it was only a matter of time before those kids were going to be compared, at least in a fashion sense. Of course, there is space for everyone to explore their own unique style, but it cannot be denied that the next generation of Kardashian/Jenners is definitely going to be under the spotlight even more than their parents, and everything they wear will be talked about and discussed.

So we decided to hop on the topic early on, and compare cousins North and Stormi, as their moms Kim and Kylie have often been compared. Both of these adorable kids have been seen rocking amazing outfits that honestly, just make us envious. And while we did decide to compare some of their looks, know that there's only love between the two, and in no way are they actually competing with each other.

Now here are 10 things Kim let North wear (because we like to think the little one already chooses her looks), and 10 adorable outfits Kylie put little Stormi in!

20 When North Wowed Us With Her Street Looks

How adorable is North's street style, and where can we get all of those in an adult size? Seriously, she totally slays the iconic french braids and choker look - but why are we even surprised, the Kardashians did make that look become super popular. And little North definitely learned a thing or two from mom Kim on how to perfect it. A cute pair of denim shorts, a black t-shirt, some cute colorful converse shoes, and a statement leather jacket! North is definitely an adorable celebrity kid, but considering the number of cousins she has, she seems to have a lot of competition for the title of most fashionable Kardashian/Jenner kid.

19 But Little Stormi Had A Thing Or Two To Say As Well

If you thought North's street style is effortlessly cool, think again, because baby girl Stormi's fashion game is on point with this vibrant look! Held by mommy Kylie's BFF Jordyn Woods, little Stormi is showing everyone how to pull off a bunch of colors, but still look super cool. The shoes, the tie-dyed top and most of all the bright coral beanie pull this whole look together, making Stormi serious fashion competition fro North! Jokes aside, there is definitely space for at least two fashionable Kardashian/Jenner kids, although we all know there are so many more! Yes, we're looking at you Penelope and little True!

18 When North Rocked A Baseball Cap

Okay seriously now, North is rocking these looks like a top model, and she seems to be a total natural at it! The suede spaghetti strap dress with a white t-shirt underneath is so on trend and shows that North does not mess around with her looks. She topped it off with a pair or fluffy slides and a baseball cap. But most of all, she perfected the side eye, and we are so jealous of that. We knew that with parents like that, North is bound to be a star herself, but we didn't expect her to be such a little boss at a young age!

17 But Stormi Showed Us How To Rock A Hoodie

How adorable is little Stormi in this cute outfit with the hoodie? She will clearly grow up to be brave when it comes to fashion because she already is in her first year! Her slightly oversizes white onesie is a brave choice, and definitely a statement piece. Considering this was one of her first social media appearances, Kylie's little baby girl had to go bold! And with this look, we just knew she'd be a fashion risk taker just like her mom! Besides, she can always look for fashion advice from older cousin North, because she is more experienced when it comes to trends... for now at least.

16 When North Gave Us Sporty Vibes

Honestly, we are so jealous of North in her adorable sporty edition, she just effortlessly achieved a level of cool we can only dream of! The matching pink shorts and top are perfection and her sneakers (from daddy Kanye's Yeezy line) and high ponytail put the whole look together making North the probably coolest celebrity kid in sportswear ever. And can we also just take a moment to appreciate how her facial expression perfectly says "I'm fab and I know it", and we couldn't agree more. We pretty much want to copy the closet of a five-year-old, and we're not even afraid to admit.

15 And Stormi Looked Adorable In Leather Leggings

When Kylie posted this image of Stormi turning 8 months, we were all in awe at how adorable the little one looks. I mean come on, she's rocking pleather leggings like its no big deal, and she's not even one year old yet! The rest of her look is fairly simple, a white t-shirt, some super cool sneakers and an adorable bun on top of her head. And judging from the huge smile on her face, Kylie's little bundle of joy is super happy with her outfit choice. Just give her a few more years and we bet she will slay us with a bunch of looks we want to copy.

14 When North Showed Everyone How To Do Winter

Winter fashion is not easy to nail. People want to keep warm, but still look stylish, and often those two don't go hand in hand. But when done properly, winter fashion can look absolutely ah-mazing, and little North has totally nailed it. She's rocking a gorgeous faux fur coat, which she paired with some light-washed jeans and a dusty pink hoodie. You would think that mixing up these styles wouldn't work, but North has proved us all wrong. And yeah, she rocked a matching pink baseball cap as well, because she's North and she can do whatever she wants.

13 And Stormi Took Notes

Stormi definitely took a note or two from North's winter looks, because she herself very quickly became a pro at them! In fact, she never had a bad winter look. Here she is all decked out in pink with a winter onesie and pink beanie, and she is completely ready for the cold weather outside! Seriously, we're not even sure what we're more envious of, her gorgeous, snow-ready looks or the fact that she's about to go on a winter vacation in a private jet... All we know is that Stormi is bound to become a trendsetter just like her famous mama.

12 When North Was Pretty In Pink

By now we pretty much all know that North can rock absolutely anything she puts on, but she doesn't stop surprising us with her cute and unique looks, taking all the attention away from mommy Kim. We don't think Kim minds much though, because how could anyone be mad a little North for looking so fab? Here she paired a gorgeous silky, high-collar pink dress with some causal white sneakers, and to top it off a kind of 90's inspired wavy updo. North is a total fashionista and honestly, we can already tell she has her very own signature style!

11 But Stormi Still Managed To Top It A Notch

Yeah, whatever, North completely in pink is totally cool and chic, but little cousin Stormi in pink is just too darn precious and absolutely melts our cold hearts! This was one of her epic Halloween costumes (this one she actually matched to her mom Kylie's), and she was a beautiful little baby butterfly! Again with her signature high baby bun and adorable smile, Stormi proved she is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Well, a fashion force at least. And one that knows how to rock amazing and cool Halloween costumes, while still being super comfortable at the same time.

10 When Kim And North Matched Perfectly

When celebrity moms and their children wear matching outfits, a lot of times it just doesn't work out. But not Kim and North. The two completely own the partner look, and they each rock their outfits in their own ways. Here they are wearing silver-metallic dresses and they definitely have our attention. These are for sure some show-stopping outfits the two are wearing, and not everyone can pull looks like these off. Especially not at such a young age, but guess what? North has that in her genes. She's just a natural fashionista, there's no doubt about that!

9 And So Did Kylie And Stormi

You bet that Kylie and Stormi can to the mommy-daughter partner look just as good as Kim and North! And they proved that by rocking these beautiful black dresses that honestly just takes our breath away. They went a notch further by even doing matching hairstyles, Stormi's signature bun! Seriously, matching your outfit to your kids can go wrong in so many ways, but if you manage to actually do it right, then it will pretty much leave everyone in awe. And the Kardashian/Jenners seem to be very good at coordinating outfits - must because they always had so many siblings.

8 When North Dressed Up As A Ballerina

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how North's facepalm is our mood pretty much all day every day? Seriously, how can one five-year-old be this cool yet also relatable? Anyways, North is no stranger to dressing up, and as you can see she loves going out on the streets in her ballerina attire. And we must admit, she really does make a super cute one! The white tutu suits her so well, and even though North loves pink, she decided to go for a lighter color for her ballerina look. We totally approve, and we are loving it!

7 And Stormi Dressed Up As... A Storm

Probably one of the most iconic costumes little Stormi wore this year was when she and her mom Kylie dressed up well, as a storm. Yup, the did that, they went there, and somehow we are not cringing at it, in fact, we are totally applauding it. Mommy Kylie went as a cloud with some lightning, and Stormi, dressed in all gold, was just being herself, a little storm! This is probably one of the cutest Halloween costumes from this year, not only because precious Stormi is part of it, but also because it is a very original idea!

6 When North Gave Us Cool-Girl Vibes In Metallic Green

North is honestly such a queen of two-pieces, and we love seeing her wear them! Here she rocked a super bright, green, metallic top and matching pants, and we are so envious of her wardrobe! She topped the look off with some cute high pigtails, and she looks as if she's having the best time with grandma Kris and little cousin True. Can we also give True a short little shoutout, because that bow she's rocking on top of her head is giving us such Blair Waldorf vibes, and we can just tell that True is just as fashionable as her cousins North and Stormi!

5 But Stormi Proved She Can Rock That Trend As Well

Stormi has pretty much proved to us that anything North can do, she can do just as well! So if you thought a newborn can't handle a metallic outfit, think again, because Stormi totally rocked one at just a few months old! And this metallic lavender one just suits her so well! Stormi decided to switch up her hairstyle a bit, this time she went for two little pigtails on top of her head, instead of her signature bun, and we definitely approve of this hairstyle as well! Stormi never ceases to surprise us, and we bet she has a lot more fashion looks to offer!

4 When North Just Couldn't Care Less In A T-Shirt Dress

North is honestly so relatable in a lot of these pics, and here she is visibly bored and annoyed - which is something we can all relate to. Meanwhile, her fashion is still perfection, and always on top of the newest trends. Here she is wearing a cute red t-shirt dress and some knee high white socks. A pair of sneakers and a super high bun, and North is ready to take on the world. Except, well it seems like mom Kim and brother Saint are in her way, which doesn't seem to make her happy at all. Nope, she's not having it.

3 And Stormi Is Living Her Best Life In Sweatpants

Meanwhile, her little cousin Stormi is having the absolute best time of her life in super cute gray sweatpants and a matching crewneck top. Her tiny sneakers are super on trend, as always, and her little signature baby bun just adds that final touch to the whole look. And the fact that she looks o happy in her mom's hands is adding so much to the whole outfit vibe. This little trendsetter knows that the basic requirement for a fabulous look (even if it's just a casual sweatsuit combo) is a good mood. And Stormi seems to have a lot of that!

2 When North Was Brave Enough For Animal Prints

One is never too young to start exploring animal prints, and North is living proof of that. However, having that said, so much can go wrong when one decides to go full on animal print, and if not done properly it can just look ridiculous. But of course, that's not the case with trendsetter North, she knows how to perfectly pull off a head-to-toe animal print look, and honestly, she does it way better than many grown-ups we've seen. North knows that the key is in keeping the rest of the look as simple as possible, which is why she opted for plain white sneakers and a high ponytail.

1 But Stormi Proved She's More Of A Plaid Girl

And while North may be the queen of animal prints, Stormi is really good at making plaid work! Here she is rocking a fully plaid dress, and she knows the same rules as for animal prints apply: the rest needs to be simple. Which is why she again went for her adorable baby bun and proved to everyone that even at such a young age one can rock super formal and grown up patterns. And there you have it,  20 times North and Stormi slayed us all with their adorable looks and proved to us that one is never too young for fashion!

Source: Instagram

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