Kim Kardashian West Is Being Criticized For Straightening North West's Hair

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North West celebrated her 5th birthday this weekend, and hit up Dylan's Candy Bar in New York with mom Kim Kardashian and a friend. That sounds like an amazing way to spend your 5th birthday! Of course, when you're North West, every birthday is a big deal, right? On her outing, North was rocking a very cute pink tracksuit, and a brand new 'do. You have to look special on your special day, right? But North's hair is now the source of some controversy aimed at Kim Kardashian. Instead of her beautiful textured, curly mane, North is rocking a silky straight ponytail, and people are criticizing Kim for straightening her 5-year-old's hair.

Now, it's certainly not unheard of for moms and dads to treat their kiddos to something special on their birthday, like a new hairstyle or maybe a mani-pedi. But people are questioning whether it's a good idea to use extreme heat and/or chemicals on a child's hair.

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That stuff can be pretty damaging! While we don't know what method was used to straighten North's hair, judging by how smooth and straight it is, we can surmise that it was a blow-out or a hot iron was used. On baby hair like that, it can create a lot of breakage and damage. In case you forgot, North's hair is normally very curly and textured.

Kim has been very open about embracing North's natural hair. On an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she even got lessons on how to braid black hair. She's also mentioned in interviews that North is obsessed with her own curly hair, and often runs up to people with similar hair to point out that it's the same. So a lot of people were surprised to see North rocking such a drastically different hair style, and some even attributed it to Kim's own rocky relationship with cultural appropriation.

Of course, Kim and North had their share of defenders, too. Agree or not, North isn't our child, and for all we know, she begged for a new 'do for her birthday! And we highly doubt the change is permanent or something they'll be doing all the time.

What do you think? Is North's hair style controversial? Or is this a case where everyone needs to just mind their own business and kids?

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