10 Parenting Rules Kim Kardashian Follows

Kim Kardashian is followed by hundreds of thousands of fans across her social media. Every day she has people waiting to see what she does. It’s because she lives a glamorous life of a businesswoman, T.V personality, and of course as a mother.

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Since Kim lives a very public life by being on T.V and with her honesty on social media, her parenting choices are always the talk of her fans! And since she is now has had her fourth child we want to take a moment to look at Kim’s parenting style over the years. So keep reading to discover 10 parenting rules Kim follows.

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10 Always Capture The Moment

We all know that Kim loves taking pictures of her and her family. And we can’t blame her either when her kids are that cute! Taking pictures for Kim is not just something that she only does to post on her Twitter or Instagram, she loves taking pictures so she can look back at the fun memories she has had with her kids.

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The pictures she has are sure to be something she treasures for years to come. And this is something that her kids will be grateful for when they get older!

9 Express Yourself

Even though her kids are growing up in the spotlight, Kim always allows her kids to be themselves. You can tell by the pictures she has posted of her kids being silly and making faces that Kim does not make them act a certain way.

We love Kim for letting her babies embrace who they are and to let them feel whatever emotions they may be experiencing. One of the best ways for kids to grow up with confidence is to let them be themselves so they are not second-guessing their moves.

8 Social Media Is Okay

In today's world, every parent is going to have to decide if they are going to be sharing pictures of their kids through their social media accounts or not. Kim is one of those parents who doesn’t just enjoy posting pictures of her kids, she loves it. Just scrolling through her Instagram account, you can see endless photos she has taken of her little ones.

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Obviously, as fans, we love it! Kim is smart when it comes to releasing pictures of her kids. She knows if she was not this open with us, the media would be trying pictures of them without her permission.

7 Discipline

Growing up, kids are going to make mistakes and misbehave. It’s not because the kids are intentionally bad, they are just learning what is acceptable and not acceptable in the world. So when Kim’s kids act out, especially when they should know better, Kim will discipline her kids to make a point.

On her social media, Kim shared that one day she sent her oldest daughter, North, to time-out but the young girl ended up relaxing and making it a spa day! Though it didn’t go as Kim wanted, the effort can still be applauded.

6 Make Sure To be Stylish

The whole Kardashian/Jenner family is known for their amazing style and we are not just talking about the sisters. Even the kids are always looking adorable when they are out with their parents.

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There have been multiple times when North acts just like her mother and wears high-end designer outfits while they are out on the town. Kim and her kids always have the best look. We can definitely take some fashion advice from North!

5 Kim Wishes She Was Always Around

Any parent knows that working and spending time with your family requires a lot of planning. Kim is no exception. Since Kim is a businesswoman, she is constantly at meetings, shoots, and doing other promotions for her brand.

Therefore, it must be hard for Kim to be away from her children for such a long period of time. As much as Kim wants to always be around her kids, we know her work is important and is for her family's benefit.

4 Hard Work Is Important

With everything that Kim does for her products and brand partnerships, there is no doubting that she is a hard worker. This is a trait that has been passed down to Kim from her mother, Kris.

Kim has stated that when she was growing up she had to earn and save for anything she wanted. We know this lesson that Kris taught her is now something she will teach her children. Hard work is how you will get anything done in life, we love the fact that she is not just giving her kids everything they ask for.

3 Make A Schedule

When your life is as busy as the Kardashian-Jenner crew, a schedule helps keep everything in check. Schedules aren’t just for working moms, Kim loves using a schedule when it comes to her kids.

Using a schedule is great to keep up with her kids' needs like napping, eating, and playing; so, we completely understand why Kim has her kids on one. A schedule doesn’t tell you what you can’t do, it shows you everything you can do in a day!

2 Dealing With Sibling Jealousy

When you have more than one child, it is typical that there might be some sibling jealousy issues. It’s not because your kids don’t love one another, it could just happen over the smallest thing like someone playing with the wrong toy. Like most moms, Kim has to deal with sibling jealousy when it comes to her little ones.

In an interview, Kim said: 

When I was breastfeeding [Saint], [North] was so jealous that I had to get a little milk box and put it in the other bra with a straw so she would drink.

That is quite a creative way of dealing with sibling jealousy!

1 Family Is Important

The most important thing in the world is family. Just by Kim's affectionate behavior, you can tell she values her children above everything. With Kim being so close to her sisters, you better believe that her kids are close to their cousins as well.

Since Kim’s kids are close to age with her other sisters' kids, they are always together on playdates. The fact Kim wants her kids to be close to the rest of her family is amazing, and they will have several wonderful memories growing up in a large family!

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