Kim Kardashian Says Parents With 4 Kids Are The Most 'Enlightened And Calm’

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Every parent has a different outlook whenever it comes to the number of children that they have as well as the number of children that they can handle. Some parents don't want to be outnumbered by kiddos and are more comfortable with less, while other couples just do better whenever their kids have other siblings to help keep each other entertained. To each is own. Well, reality start, Kim Kardashian, wife to Kanye West, recently opened up with her thoughts based on some things she has heard recently.

While recently being a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Kim Kardashian was talking about motherhood, as she recently shared her announcement that she and her husband are expecting their fourth child via surrogate in late May. Expecting your fourth child can totally bring on a whole slew of worries and anxieties, but she doesn't feel concern about too much saying, “My house is so full, but I heard that parents of four are the most enlightened and calm of all parents. From one to two felt like one to 20. That was harder than two to three for me.”

While normally, we might challenge her sources, but this theory has actually been confirmed by a recent study, revealing that the happiest parents are those who have four or more children. As crazy as that might sound, it is not fake news. The study, done Australia's Edith Cowan University correlates parental happiness with the amount of work and energy they are putting into their families. Obviously, with a larger family, parents are putting more effort into them, thus moms and dads with more kids are overall happier people.

At first, Kardashian revealed that she was a little bit nervous about adding a fourth because her two oldest children hadn't been getting along, but the fighting between North and Saint is starting to come to an end and she truly believes that baby number four will help round out her family.

“I feel like four is going to be really even though,” Kim said. “Right now it’s like me with two, always, and Kanye just has one, so he’s still living his life.”

Their fourth baby will be delivered via surrogate, just like her daughter Chicago, and they have also shared that it will be a boy. Time to think about names!

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