10 Funniest Would You Rather Questions For Kids

“Would you rather” is a fun game that can be played by people of all ages. A person simply asks another person, “Would you rather do this or that?” The types of questions that are asked generally vary upon the players’ ages. When it comes to playing “would you rather” for children, the possibilities are as endless as a child’s imagination.

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If parents are looking for a quick and easy game to play with their children, “would you rather” is a family favorite go-to that is completely free of cost! If parents are looking for some of the silliest “would you rather” questions, look no further. Today, we have 10 of the funniest would you rather questions for kids!

10 Would You Rather Lick The Bottom Of Your Shoe Or Eat Your Boogers?

It wouldn’t be a funny would you rather question for children if boogers weren’t somehow involved. For this question, one child simply has to ask the other, “Would you rather lick the bottom of your shoe or eat your boogers?” Neither of which sounds very tempting but it would be interesting to see what a child’s opinion would be on this matter.

When it comes to licking the bottom of your shoe, the possibilities of things you could have stepped in are endless and the one option is equally disgusting but at least you would hopefully know what’s been up your nose!

9 Would You Rather Eat A Dead Bug Or A Live Worm?

This would you rather question sounds more like a kindergarten dare. It’s also quite thought-provoking. Eating a dead bug or a live worm both sound cringe-worthy and absolutely disgusting, but it is sure to get a giggle from the kids.

To make things even more interesting the kids name a specific type of bug that would have to be eaten such a cockroach or even those disgusting stink bugs with the crunchy shell. So, if you were asked this question, which one would you pick?

8 Would You Rather Sneeze Cheese Or Have Your Tears Be Chocolate Flavored?

This would you rather question sounds delightfully disgusting; sneezing cheese or chocolate-flavored tears. Although, one would think that sneezing cheese would produce some kind of burn to it, but at least your crackers would never be bare again!

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And as for chocolate-flavored tears, it would perfect for when "Aunt Flow" comes to town! No more late-night runs to the store for a chocolate bar since all you would have to do would be to put on a sad movie and let the waterworks begin!

7 Would You Rather Eat A Can Of Cat Food Or Two Rotten Tomatoes?

Kids seem to love when it comes to down eating two different disgusting things. In this case, it would be would you rather eat a can of cat food or two rotten tomatoes. These items both sound like something like would make you want to upchuck.

Perhaps it would depend if the tomatoes were so rotten that they seem to have maggots in them. Rotten tomatoes tend to smell worse than rotten feet. Maybe it would also depend on what flavor cat food was being offered. One would have to choose the lesser of two evils.

6 Would You Rather Have A Horses Tail Or A Unicorn Horn?

This next one is a silly would you rather question that kids are sure to love. “Would you rather have a horse’s tail or a unicorn horn?” Personally, the unicorn horn sounds fun because it would be like having a traveling ring toss game everywhere you went.

It would be a sure way to kill some time while you are waiting in line at the grocery store. And for children, it would give them something fun to do a recess. But a horse’s tail sound just as interesting. Although, you would have to cut a new hole in all of your pants!

5 Would You Rather Have A Pig Nose Or Monkey Face?

“Would you rather have a pig nose or a monkey face” sounds kind of like something children would call each other when trying to poke fun at one another. A pig nose kind of sounds like it would be worse to have than a monkey face.

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Monkeys are the closest species to humans out of all the animals in the animal kingdom so maybe having a monkey face wouldn’t be too bad. Add a little blush and a dash of eyeliner and perhaps no one would know that you weren’t one hundred percent human!

4 Would You Rather Have Your Grandmother’s Hairstyle Or First Name?

Hopefully, this would you rather question wouldn’t offend anyone’s grandmother but for kids, it would be pretty silly. “Would you rather have your grandmother’s hairstyle or first name?” Depending on the age of the grandmother, perhaps the hairstyle wouldn’t look at that dated.

Kids could also switch this question around and ask, “Would you rather have your grandfather’s hairstyle or name?” Boys could answer about the grandfather while girl’s answer about their grandmother. This question is sure to generate some giggles!

3 Would You Rather Always Talk In Rhyme Or Sing When You Speak?

This would you rather question would make one think of Dr. Seuss when it comes to speaking in rhyme. This question is silly yet playful. Something that the kids are sure to enjoy.

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This question seems simple enough, but could you imagine trying to find the right rhyming words for everything you say or could you imagine having to sing every word that comes out of your mouth? It would get tiring after a while. Not to mention, it would probably drive people crazy a while.

2 Would You Rather Wear Clown Makeup Every Day For A Year Or A Tutu Every Day For A Year?

This next question is funny and silly; would you rather wear clown makeup every day for a year or a tutu every day for a year? A year is a long time to make such drastic changes but kids are sure to love this would you rather question.

This question can prove to be thought-provoking. Personally, the tutu doesn’t sound as bad as the clown makeup. The makeup could get expensive after a while! Plus, what about the days that you just feel like being yourself?

1 Would You Rather Have Your Mom Pick You Up From School In Her Bathrobe Or Have Homework Every Day For Two Weeks?

This would you rather question is tricky because having your mom show up to your school wearing her bathrobe and possibly curlers in her hair. It’s like every kid’s worst nightmare come to life.

Then again, two weeks straight of homework seems like a nightmare too. This one would definitely be a hard decision. Then again, if the mom only comes to the school once like that, then maybe that’s not too bad. Anything has to be better than homework!

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