10 Ways To Make Kids Understand Glasses Are Cool

For some reason, wearing glasses is seen as a negative thing, something nerdy or extremely uncool. In fact, throughout history, people were ridiculed for having to wear glasses, even young children. These days, things are much better, and glasses have suddenly become somewhat cool as well as the latest must-have fashion accessory.

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However, there is still a stigma attached to those who have to wear glasses, especially for young kids. Therefore, it can often be an upsetting and unnerving experience for little ones when it comes to their first pair of glasses. So, to help, here are ways to make kids understand that glasses are cool.

10 Explain Everything

One of the worst things you can do is pick up a pair of glasses, give them to your kid, and expect them to wear them. Right from the very beginning, your child should be informed about everything that is going on, and that means everything.

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Take them to every single appointment, explain to them why they need glasses and how it can help them, reassure them from the get-go that wearing glasses is completely normal and that eventually, most people will have to do exactly the same thing they are doing. Kids need to be included when it comes to things like this, plus it won't be as much of a shock if they are already expecting it.

9 They Can Be Fun

It is important to demonstrate that buying a pair of glasses can actually be pretty fun, and not the scary and daunting experience that they might expect. For instance, make sure you introduce them to different colors and frames, as well as different styles and various other things they can do to jazz up their glasses or at least make them unique. Not only is this fun and exciting, but it also puts wearing glasses into a different perspective. Yes, it is vital that your kid finds wearing glasses positively rather negatively, as this will disrupt the whole process.

8 Ask The Eye Doctor To Break The News

Breaking the news to your kids that they might need glasses can be heartbreaking, never mind stressful. Instead, why not shift the burden on to your eye doctor, after all, that's what they are there for, right? Your little one will probably find it easier if the news is broken to them by a professional or at least someone who looks like they know what they are talking about. Plus, the eye doctor can also explain the benefits and advantages in a convincing manner, leading to your child more likely to believe them than if you try and explain why it's ok to wear glasses.

7 Glasses Shopping!

Glasses shopping can be a fun and exciting experience and something that the whole family should enjoy. Right from the very beginning, you should schedule a day solely to buy glasses and make sure you build it up. This should get them excited and looking forward to wearing them before they have even got their hands on them. Then, when the day comes, it is important that you keep up the excitement, with all the focus on how grown-up it is to have glasses and how much fun it will be choosing them and finding the perfect pair.

6 Give Them The Responsibility

A good thing to do to get your child excited about wearing glasses is the responsibility that they have to look after them. Yes, make sure you are clear that glasses cost a lot of money and need to be taken care of to keep them safe and clean.

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Furthermore, teach them how to clean their glasses with cleaning solution and cleaning cloths. Finally, make sure they put their glasses away in the glasses case when they are not using them and that they know where they are at all times in case of an emergency. Children crave responsibility, and this is a great starting point.

5 Positive Praise

From the very beginning, it is important to remain positive and encouraging when it comes to their glasses and when and why they are wearing them. Yes, your child needs to feel positive about their glasses without any negative connotations, something that you might need to be mindful of.

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If there is negativity attached, they will then see their glasses as something horrible and they might refuse to wear them. Therefore, you should praise them as much as possible, telling them how great they look, how they suit the style and frames and how glasses make them look incredibly grown-up and sophisticated.

4 Start Slowly

It is important to start slowly when it comes to wearing glasses and to not rush them into anything scary. For instance, firstly explain to them clearly and slowly why they need glasses and what they will need to do. Next, spend the day choosing a pair and have them get used to having something permanently on their faces. However, it is unwise to have them wear their new glasses all day every day, especially at the beginning. Instead, let them get used to their glasses for an hour or so at a time. It can be strange and unsettling the first time you wear glasses, so it is always better to start slowly.

3 Even Famous People Wear Glasses

To get your kids excited about wearing glasses, try showing them some pictures of famous people wearing glasses and how cool they look. For instance, Harry Potter is always a good one to use as an example, because he is extremely cool, he is a nice person and let's face it, he looks good. Superheroes are also great examples, especially Superman and his alter ego, Clark Kent. Yes, Clark Kent is an avid glasses wearer, and again he looks good doing it. You could even go through a magazine or a newspaper and point out a large number of people that wear glasses and just how normal it can be.

2 Get A Pair Yourself

If you wear glasses yourself then make sure you wear them as much as possible during the time that your kid starts wearing glasses too. Not only will this increase their confidence, but it will also normalize the whole ordeal. Furthermore, make sure you are positive about your glasses and how much you enjoy reading them. Emphasis how they helped you and how much better it is that you can see. If you don't wear glasses, then invest in some lens-free frames. Kids love to imitate adults, especially their parents. Therefore, when they see you wearing glasses, it will make them more likely to wear their own pair.

1 Let Them Pick Whatever They Want

It can be hard to let your kids pick something entirely without your help, especially things that they might wear. However, it is extremely important that you let them pick their own pair of glasses no matter the color, frame, or style. Yes, you can give advice and guidance, and yes you can say which ones look the best if they ask your opinion, but the whole process should not feel like something you are telling them to do or force them to wear. Not only will this be encouraging, but it will also give them a sense of responsibility and something to be proud of when they wear their glasses for the first time.

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