Four Young Kids Steal Their Parent's Car And Take It On 600 Mile Road Trip

Four underage children stole their parents' car and took a 600-mile road trip over the course of two days. No one knows what motivated them to take this journey, or more importantly, how they learned to drive.

The Australian children were a 14-year-old, two 13-year-olds and a 10-year-old. To put things into perspective, the legal driving age in Australia is 17. At some point on July 12, they packed their parents' Nissan Patrol SUV with fishing poles and set out. Irresponsible as they were, they made sure to leave a farewell note for their folks.

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The four children were found parked along a highway in New South Wales, Australia after having traveled 600 miles. The trip from Rockhampton, Queensland to Grafton New South Wells usually takes about ten hours. Officers cannot guess how four kids could have made that journey in such a short time, stating that they most likely took turns driving.

When the officers tracked the kids down by locating one of their cell phones, the kids refused to get out the car. Apparently, the children had escaped a few gas stations without paying and were on the run. The situation actually escalated to the point that the officer had to break one of the car's windows with his baton.

No one was injured when the police officer broke the windows, nor over the two days of road tripping. However, the children will face charges. They stole the car and the gas from the gas stations, so they were taken into custody.

You would think that this crazy story is an isolated incident, but actually, it is not! Last year and eleven-year-old boy stole his mother's car after she confiscated his PlayStation. After a high-speed chase, he crashed needed treatment for minor injuries. Two years ago an eight-year-old boy stole his father's car to drive to McDonald's, later reporting that he learned how to drive on YouTube. He followed all traffic laws.

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