10 Riddles For Kids (With Varying Difficulties)

Riddles are really cool, and there are lots of people who love them. These things are particularly good for children. And there are many reasons why kids can benefit from things like this. A great example is the fact that riddles can get them to use their brains, since they often require a lot of thinking in order to get the answer figured out.

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Some riddles are both intelligent and funny, and that is what makes them so great. This kind of riddle teaches kids about intellectual jokes, which some of them might really appreciate. Here are some great riddles for kids.

10 What Is As Big As An Elephant, But Weighs Nothing At All?

When teaching kids about how great riddles are, it is important to start off with ones that are relatively easy so that they might not get too frustrated if they cannot figure it out, and this is a good one to get them started. This seems kind of hard, but the answer to it is actually quite simple.

The shadow of an elephant looks just as big as the real thing, and that is what the answer is. Shadows do not weigh anything, which is means that even though an elephant’s shadow looks as big as the animal itself does, it does not weigh a single pound.

9 What Do You Get If You Milk A Cow After An Earthquake?

This riddle is actually a very good one for children, since it can also teach them where dairy milk comes from. This riddle is a fun one that provides little ones with another chance to learn something, which is something all parents should love.

Another cool thing about the answer to this question is the fact that part of it is actually in the question itself. The answer is “milk shake,” since the milk that would come from the cow would get very shaken by the earthquake. Since it is a funny play on words, kids might find this informative and humorous at the same time.

8 What Shoes Should You Wear When Your Basement Is Flooded?

This one might be a little bit harder for a young child to figure out, but older children will probably understand it. When a basement is flooded, the first thing that needs to happen is someone should go down there and pump the water out of it.

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The answer to this riddle is actually a joke about basement pumps and shoes. The riddle says that people should wear pumps in flooded basements, which is funny because that is also a nickname for high heels, which might actually be useful if there was only a little bit of water, and a person wanted to avoid getting their feet wet.

7 The More You Have Of Me, The Less You See. Who Am I?

This is still considered a relatively easy riddle, but it will likely make a kid think for a few minutes before they try to come up with an answer. Usually, when someone has a lot of a certain thing, it does not affect their sight in any way.

A great hint is for one to think of what they can and cannot see when they are in the dark. As things get darker, it is harder to see anything. Darkness is the answer to this riddle. This is a pretty clever one that will really have kids scratching their heads for a bit.

6 What Belongs To You, But Is Used More By Others?

Every person has at least one thing that is used by other people more than it is used by them. That might not seem fair, but when one knows the answer to this riddle, it actually makes a lot of sense because it is quite logical.

All people have names, but no one really uses their name as much as the people around them do, which means that a person’s name is the answer to this riddle. Riddles often seem difficult until their answers are revealed, and then they seem very simple, which is the case for this fun and easy riddle.

5 No Sooner Spoken Than Broken. What Is It?

Here is a hint for this riddle: the answer is something that parents want a lot of, but they hardly ever get any of it. If a person speaks, or does anything else that creates some type of noise, they have broken the answer to the riddle.

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The answer is silence, since silence is broken the moment someone begins to speak, or make another kind of noise. This riddle is not that hard, but is definitely makes one think for a few minutes, and it is a really cool one to share with young kids. It is very intellectual, and they will probably appreciate it a lot, and share it with their friends.

4 When You Have Me, You Feel Like Sharing Me. But, If You Do Share Me, You Don’t Have Me. What Am I?

Usually when someone shares something, they still have it themselves, but that is not the case when it comes to this particular riddle. That is because the riddle is actually referencing a secret.

A secret is only ever really a secret when one person knows about it. If it is really interesting, they will likely want to share it with others. But the problem is that it would no longer be a secret at that point. Some people might think of an object right after hearing this riddle, and they might not consider the fact that it could be talking about something that is not a physical object, which makes this quite clever.

3 What Question Can You Never Answer Yes To?

There is at least one question that one can never say yes to, and if they do, it means that they were lying. This riddle is very hard for most children, so it is probably not one that parents would want to start off with.

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But if a child has already learned a few riddles before, this could be a fun one for them. When a person falls asleep, it would be hard for them to answer any questions (unless they are talking in their sleep). This means that the question a person can never say yes to is “are you asleep yet?

2 What Stinks When Living And Smells Good When Dead?

This riddle is really hard for many reasons, but one of them is the fact that dead things usually do not smell good. When something is alive, it usually smells a lot better than it does after it has died, since death itself can create an awful scent after a while. This one will likely have anyone wracking their brain for the answer for a while.

But the answer is actually simple, and it is very clever as well. Bacon smells amazing when it is being cooked, which is also when it is dead. Bacon comes from pigs, and they usually do not smell very good.

1 When Things Go Wrong, What Can You Always Count On?

This might surprise some people, but there is actually something that most people can always count on no matter what, even if nothing else seems to be going right for them at that moment. But the answer to this riddle is not as encouraging as one might think it is.

This riddle sounds like it is some kind of metaphor, but it is actually very straightforward, which is something that is not clear until one knows the answer to it, which is a person’s fingers. People will always be able to count on them, even when they cannot count on anything else.

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