10 Great Fall Activities Kids Can Do With Pumpkins

Now that the cooler weather is arriving and fall is in full swing, there are several fun fall activities that you can do with your children. You want to be able to create a fun way to spend the day with your kids while getting into the festive season.

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With Halloween and Thanksgiving approaching pumpkins have been on display to purchase everywhere you go. From farmer's markets, grocery stores, and of course pumpkin patches there will be plenty of opportunities for you to buy pumpkins for your kids. So keep reading to discover ten fun activities you can do with pumpkins!

10 Paint Them

If you have little kids then the last thing you want to do is give them a sharp tool to carve a pumpkin. Instead, you can do an age-appropriate activity with your kids and pumpkins by painting them!

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Painting pumpkins are a wonderful way for kids to be able to decorate their own pumpkins without you worrying if they are going to hurt themselves with a knife. Make sure you get plenty of fun different color paints so your kids have a lot of options when they create their designs.

9 Make Fairy Houses

The best part about being a child is believing in all things related to magic. A wonderful thing you can do to help your child with their creativity is to help them make fairy houses out of pumpkins! For these, you can make a front door, windows, and rooms with your children to create a little house. These little fairy houses are great for your children to play outside with their dolls and action figures too! Do something different with pumpkins this year and use them to make little houses.

8 Glow In The Dark Faces

A way to spice up carving pumpkins it to make a bunch of different silly faces cut out on them. Then at night, have your kids put in a fresh glow stick so they can see the different faces the made glow in the dark!

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This activity is also great for those to help your children get over their fear of the dark, but making the darkness fun. Place each pumpkin along the path to your front door and let it show your trick-or-treaters where to get their candy on Halloween.

7 Bake With Them

Not only are pumpkins fun to play with and do crafts with, they are also great to add into recipes. From baking pumpkin cookies to pumpkin pies, breakfast treats like pumpkin bread or muffins, or making them into a savory pumpkin pasta there are going to be plenty of recipes for you and your kids to try out and spend multiple days on the kitchen having fun. Spend some quality time together as a family in the kitchen making memories and learning life skills when you bake/cook with pumpkins!

6 Create Pumpkin Gooey Bags

Have you ever noticed that the insides of the pumpkins are gooey and a little gross? Well, you can use those parts that you cannot cook and bake with to create a pumpkin gooey bag.

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All you have to do for these are find sturdy sealable plastic bags and fill it with the pumpkin guts and seeds. Then on the outside of the bad draw a face on it with a permanent marker. You kids are going to have hours of fun squishing the pumpkin guts and seeds around in the bag.

5 Pumpkin Bowling

On the nice fall days, it is fantastic to spend time outside before the winter months arrive. A great game that you can play with your kids this fall is to pay pumpkin bowling in your own backyard. Pumpkin bowling is when you take empty soda bottles to use as pins and a pumpkin for you to try to roll and knock them down. Just make sure that when you pick out a pumpkin for them to roll you don’t pick one that is too heavy, you want the pumpkin to be nice and small so they can actually hold and roll it!

4 Create Snack-o-Lanterns

If your kids are tired of making the same carved pumpkins then you need to use the pumpkins this year to create a snack-o-lanterns. A snack-o-lantern is when you carve out a pumpkin and put foodscapes, veggies or seeds in there for the wild animals near where you live.

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This is great for birds, deer, or even wild bunnies to be able to find something to eat. The best part is your kids get to experience nature too! Just make sure that you place the snack-o-lanterns on the edge of your property so the animals don’t bother your kids.

3 Pumpkin Volcanoes

Pumpkins are great one you cut open the top and clean them out to become a volcano! This is a great way to add science to a fall activity you kids are going to want to do every year. All you need are the simple ingredients to make the “explosion” such as baking soda and vinegar to make a classic, easy do-it-yourself volcano. We know your kids are going to be talking about this activity to everyone. Your kids won’t even know that they are learning since while you make a pumpkin volcano with them.

2 Use Them As A Flower Pot

A wonderful trend that has been going around online is carving out pumpkins then added flowers to them to use them as a flower pot. This is a great idea since you can take your kids to a nursery and let them pick out whatever flower they like to go inside their pumpkin.

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This lets your kids have fun and get involved with nature, all at once. Use the pumpkin flower pots to decorate the inside or outside of your house to add creative fun decor that your kids can help with!

1 Carve Them

Carving pumpkins is one of the most classic activities to do with them, that we are sure you did it when you were a kid. But carving pumpkins has changed. There are now templates that you can buy to help you cut out a fun design such as animals and funny faces. There is really no wrong way to carve a pumpkin. So make sure you go to the pumpkin patch and get a pumpkin that is big enough for your kids to carve and express their creativity.

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