8-Year-Old Girl Told She Shouldn’t Play Baseball Goes Viral With Highlight Reel

Growing up, were you ever told you couldn't do something because of your gender? Like, being told you couldn't do something typically reserved for one gender because you happened to be another gender. We'd venture a guess that it happened to you at some point (we know for sure it happened to us!). These days, parents certainly seem make more of an effort not to exclude their kids from certain activities, from playing with certain toys, or from wearing specific clothing based on their kid's gender. Boys can play with dolls and girls can play with trucks. Girls can be rough and tumble and boys can be sensitive and graceful. Gender norms are, thankfully, becoming less normal, and kids are allowed to just be kids.

But every so often, those stereotypes or gender norms rear their ugly heads again. A little girl in Canada who happens to love baseball (and is REALLY good at it) was told that because she's a girl, she shouldn't play baseball. So what did she do? Well, she shared her own highlight reel with the world, and proved once and for all that anything boys can do, she can do better. This kid is our hero.

8-year-old Ashlynn Jolicoeur, who lives in Canada, loves playing baseball. Not softball - BASEBALL. She's been playing for years, and has followed in two of her older brothers' footsteps (they both play for Ontario Blue Jays amateur baseball program). But even though Ashlynn excels on the field, there are those who think she doesn't belong.

Last year, she was awarded the most valuable player award following her performance in a tournament. After the game, says her father Dan Therien, another parent on their team told him that girls shouldn't be allowed to play baseball, that they should stick to softball. Following tryouts for the team, Ashlynn was cut. But rather than let that stop her, it only made her want to work harder and be even better.

Ashlynn plays second base, and her favorite team is (of course) the Toronto Blue Jays. Last week, she got to hang out with the team and meet one of the team's stars, Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Ashlynn was also invited to the BFA's National Girls Baseball Tournament in Rockford, Illinois, which runs from July 31-August 4. Clearly, this girl is not letting a few naysayers stand in her way. Go get 'em, Ashlynn.

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