Children Are Lashing Out In Class Because They’re Desperately Hungry

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We all know what it's like whenever our kids, partners, or even ourselves get hangry. If you let yourself go too long without eating there is an anger that washes over you that makes you span at people and just plan miserable to be around. Imagine being a teacher and having a room filled with hungry kids that are lashing out. Welp, the though it enough to make us want to comfort her.

Apparently, this is a common problem happening in classrooms and it really needs to be addressed.

According to Metro, about 1,000 primary and secondary school teachers answered questions as part of a survey commissioned by Kellog’s and conducted by the group Opinium Research. They were questioned about how a lack of food is impacting children in their classrooms and the response is pretty astounding. The teachers surveyed have shared that kids in their classrooms are becoming distracted, un-engaged, sleepy, moody and disruptive in lessons due to a lack of food.

Also known as: hangry.

But even further, one third of teachers have also admitted that they have taken in breakfast for children to eat in class, because they are clearly not eating at home.

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Some more staggering responses from the survey revealed that almost two out of five teachers said that they have witnessed a student lash out at either themselves or another child. Violence (hitting and scratching) was also reported and the teachers credited them not having breakfast as the culprit. Furthermore, one in ten teachers revealed that a parent had to be contacted because of their child being disruptive in class, and identified them as being hungry.

Kate Prince, of Kellogg’s UK and Ireland, said "We believe every child should have the best start to their day and our latest findings show too many children are still going to school without the vital fuel that they need to help them learn. More than ever breakfast clubs are a lifeline for many families. That’s why today we invite schools to enter our Kellogg’s Breakfast Club Awards to celebrate the fantastic work going on in clubs across the UK and Ireland."

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