Parents Are Giving Their Kids Fortnite-Inspired Names


When it comes to naming your baby, you can draw inspiration from the unlikeliest places! People look to pop culture, nature, geography, religion, and even foods to try to come up with the perfect baby name. It's a very personal process, and while there are some baby names that should be vetoed outright (and even some that are banned!), if a name speaks to you, then it's the right name for your baby. We've seen some pretty interesting baby name trends over the years, but it looks like there's a new source for name inspo in town, and it's catching on like wildfire! Parents are using names from the popular video game Fortnite to name their babies, and if you're a gamer, this might be right up your alley. They're unique, interesting, and if you're hoping to raise a new gamer, they're perfect.

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BabyCenter has released their list of the hottest name trends in 2018, and Fortnite names are definitely gaining in popularity. Ramirez, the name of a female character in the game, jumped 57% as a name for boys last year. Even Fortnite skins are inspiring some baby names! Skins, by the way, are different costumes you can purchase or win for characters to wear. Leviathan jumped 46% as a boy name, Bunny went up 30% for girls, and Rogue is getting in on that androgynous action, surging 47% as a girl name and 21% as a boy name in 2018. Some of the skin names are really out there, and we hope they don't catch on as baby names (Mullet Marauder, anyone?). But with names like Garrison, Fable, and Maverick, we anticipate more and more gamer parents going the way of Fornite names for their kiddos.

It's not just specific games that may be influencing baby name trends, either! Professional gamers are incredibly popular and successful, and people may be drawing inspiration from the industry when it comes to naming their babies. Professional Fortnite player Dakotaz is one of the more popular players that fellow gamers follow. So is it a coincidence that the name Dakota has increased in popularity by 13%? We think not!

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