Now Your Kids Can Text Santa Their Wishlist, Too

Santa texting

Santa is a very traditional jolly old man, but that doesn't mean he doesn't evolve with the times. He might still prefer a sleigh and reindeer as his mode of transportation, but there are more modern ways to get in touch with the big guy these days.

Of course, thousands of kids still write a letter to Santa, and stick it in the mail each year, but kids don't have to rely on the postal system this year.

A decade ago, Santa started accepting e-mail, and now he's even more entrenched in the digital age. Now, kids who have last minute requests, can let Santa know just what they want via text.

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If parents want their little ones to get a text from Santa, they can fill out a form on slicktext.com. The service is open to people of all ages, and the texts will be based on the age group. The form also asks to input children's names and ages. It's open to multiple kids, especially for those in a big family. Parents have to make sure that they include the age range, because that helps the big guy figure out the perfect message to send, multiple times during the holiday season.

Of course, Santa is busy this time of year, so the texting service helps him with the replies. Though, we're sure Kris Kringle gets every message, and consults his naughty and nice list when receiving each text. (Also, other services exist, but this is one of our favorites.)

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The Spruce

What's more, it's possible Mrs. Claus, or one of the elves, could get ahold of Santa's phone (probably like your kids grab your phone) and send a message of their own.

Santa gets started with his texts on Dec. 1, 2019. Parents can expect to get a message every five days or so, at the beginning of the month with fun trivia, jokes, recipes and other fun tidbits. There will be a daily message, the week before Christmas. So while the service is free, people need to be aware of their own phone service stipulations, if any.

Santa asks, on the site, that parents remember to put the phone down during the holidays and enjoy the bliss of being together. Even though, the messages add some excitement and fun this December. Plus, Santa's texts can help parents remind their little ones that Santa knows if they've been bad or good, so they better be good for goodness' sake.

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