Why You Should Let Your Kid Be Bored This Summer

Summer is our favorite season for so many reasons. It's fun and full of adventure! But it can and should also be a time to relax and just let the days roll on by. After a busy school year, we could all go for some unscheduled free time, right? But as parents, we totally understand that this is not easy to accomplish. During school, our kids are so busy, so it's hard to let go of the notion that they need to STAY busy! In an effort to keep them from getting bored over the summer, we tend to go out of our way to keep them occupied and entertained. There's definitely a time and place for that, for sure. But it's also a good idea to just let your kids be bored this summer! Boredom isn't the bad word we all think it is, and it can do all our kids a lot of good to just be bored every once in a while.

According to Lyn Fry, a London-based child psychologist with a focus on education, boredom is actually healthy for kids! Think about it - as parents, our job is to prepare our children to be functional adults in society. And as adults we know that filling our time and dealing with boredom is all part of the package. We routinely fill our time with things that make us happy or bring us joy. And kids need to learn how to do the same! If we're constantly filling our kids' time for them, they don't development the tools necessary to do it for themselves.

If you're still not sure that letting your kids be bored is good for them, consider some of these points. Boredom forces kids to use their imagination, be creative, and think outside the box! It allows them time for introspection, and can be a great form of self-care (even kids needs self-care!).

Boredom is a natural feeling and is one they need to experience and understand for themselves. And if you have more than one kid, then you know: boredom can encourage siblings to spend more quality time with each other and come up with ways to entertain each other! So try to relax a bit on the activity scheduling this summer, if you can. Give your kids a chance to be bored. It's not the end of the world, and they will most likely come up with some of their most fun summer moments with that time.

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