Why Every Kid Should Grow Up With Dogs

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If you grew up with dogs, then you know they're the actual best creatures on the planet and we don't deserve them at all. Dogs love us, comfort us, entertain us, and protect us. And all they want in return is snuggles and pets and snacks! We're big fans of dogs, and watching our own kiddos grow up with a best fur friend has really been a gift. As much as we love our four-legged friends, the bond they share with their kids is really something else. If you're considering a dog but aren't quite sure yet, here are four reasons why EVERY kid should grow up with a dog.

1. Kids are messy, and dogs are adorable little vacuums that will suck up every last crumb.

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If you like clean floors, then you need a dog! They come in especially handy in the toddler/finger food stage, when more food ends up on the floor under the highchair than in your kid's mouth. Your kid's doggo buddy will sit and wait so patiently to scoop up every morsel than falls from above. Put that broom and dustpan away, you have a dog now!

2. Have to get up from play time on the floor to answer the door? No worries, the dog has your back.

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If you have a baby who's crawling around, chances are, the dog isn't far behind. Just like they will herd and manage their own puppies, a dog will sit close to a baby to keep an eye on things, and make sure the little one doesn't make a break for it. And sometimes the dog needs a quick snuggle and snooze, and babies are great for that.

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3. Because every baby and kid needs a nap buddy.

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Listen, sometimes you just want to snuggle up with someone and take a nap, you know? As much as we'd love to stop life every time of our kids needed that, it just isn't always possible. Enter: the dog! We've never met a dog who would turn down a snoozle.

4. Because sometimes it takes a dog to get a baby to laugh like THIS!

Can you even stand it?! Endless hours of entertainment for everyone. It's a scientific fact that dogs give the best kisses, and even babies think they're amazing. We're telling you, there's something magic about dogs with babies and kids, and every kiddo should grow up with a little bit of that magic.

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